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Best foam paint brushes

best foam paintbrushAn Introduction  to Foam Paint Brushes

The foam paint brushes give optimum controlling for the painter where they find the paint going relatively easier as compared with the bristle brushes. They are also known for eliminating any feel of a raw brush-stroke finish which comes with a bristle type of a brush. There wouldn’t be any perfect to use such type of toll, but there are confirmed applications for such fantastic tools. The pictures of paint brushes wouldn’t tell the true story as it doesn’t show both sides of the picture. There are good and bad things about the product which we must consider. The foam types are disposable as you chuck them away after a single use. However, they are inexpensive options and very useful one too.

foam brush 1How to best use foam brushes for painting?

The following are some of the useful points which you must know as how to paint using the foam brush effectively:

  • Pour the paint in a cup. It is important as you will be required to hold the cup in one hand while you paint using the foam brush with the other hand. The foam brush can well go into those congested spots where even the smallest bristle brush wouldn’t go with ease.
  • Now dip the tip of the brush into the cup filled with paint. Make sure to go just till the triangular tip end of the foam.
  • Make sure that you twist the brush just when you are taking the brush out of the cup for painting. Twisting the brush will take all excessive paint off the brush. This is a cost saving technique as your material will be saved and the quality would be dapper too.
  • Then the real painting task begins. Make sure that you stroke the surface very gently with the foam type of brush. It demands different control and movement of your hand as compared with the bristle brush. You really need to practice it before you can paint expertly with this tool. Using t excessively hard or stroking it hard with your hand would give a very deep groove on the surface that you are painting.

foam paint brushSome warnings and suggestions about painting with foam brush:

The following are some useful pointers which will give painters some cool ideas and advised while using or buying the foam type paint brushes:

  • The user must make sure that the foam type is only referred for smaller surfaces. They aren’t much effective or useful on large surfaces to paint.
  • The foam brush that sops in paint would drip if you are trying to attempt paint.
  • A fantastic thing about them Is that they are available in multi packs with several brushes in several sizes. They aren’t much expensive and such deals further benefits you in the cost incurred.
  • If the foam type shows wear and tear by tearing off around the junction of the handle, then it is the right time to replace it with a new one.

Considering these tips and tricks you can be at a better place to work with foam paint brushes just like a pro.