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Best Paint Professional Respirator Reviews

respirators for paintersBest Painters Respirator Reviews

So your patching and sanding the house and you know these fine powders are annoying your nose. You can taste the fine labours of your earlier work from patching or surface coating. Dry’s the mouth out too…I wonder what’s the best respirator for painting, you rasp cheerfully in your billowing cloud of work dust. How big are those particles by the way, and what do they do to YOU ?

They can be uncomfortable, sweaty, and so damn intrusive, so what is the best respirator for painting and sanding or scraping jobs? Many of them meet the standard, so given the particle size in what we do ranges from 1-1000 microns (which is not big) I recommend comfort and longevity are what’s required, and in that order.

We can get used to just about anything, us poor old painters, but  I’ll give you the simplest  requirement of any respirators buying guide; it’s worth the bucks to get a good quality mask that sits and fits to your face like a gentle second skin…

Truly, you don’t want to be coughing and sneezing that gunk out 3 hours after your first end of day beer, so get something you know will keep on protecting you simply because you will LEAVE IT ON. We don’t know half the chemicals that are in the products we use, let alone the stuff they used in 1920..1950..1976… whatever the age of the job you’re-doing, you just don’t know what’s in there. The fast wall guy- what hell from Chemical Ali did he use putting up that wall?

Sadly, we don’t have a clue, and when you start to wonder, you are literally only scratching the surface (Ya Geddit?… Sorry).

So the best respirator for painting, repairing or spraying will;

  • Have a good range of filtrate sizing- that is, the protective filter element will stop the gunk from your precious pinks.
  • Fit comfortably, easily- you have to wear it to work it, so check for so to skin qualities.
  • Is the filter exchanged, washed, thrown- and what suits you and the job?

Respirator Buying Guide for Painters

The respirators buying guide we have here is as selected from our knowledge and trust in the types- as far as we see the job in two categories- long term, or use and throw. Any in between have wasted our time or just been too irritating. Oh, and Money!

You don’t have to agree, but remember, we wanted the best respirators for painting, not the cheapest or with wow factor packaging.. Here are the top picks!

3m low maintenance respirator3M Paint Project Respirator Review

This units so good, its all we recommend, unless you need a full face respirator?

This popular respirator comes in small medium and large, it is for the workplace and professional applications, it does the job well and efficiently. Manufacturers guidelines state that this unit provides at least 95% filter efficiency. That means protection from solid and liquid contaminants / aerosols and also organic vapours.

This kit / respirator unit comes with:

  1. 1 face piece
  2. 1 pair of 6001 cartridges
  3. 1 pair of 501 retainers and 2 pair of 5P71 filters
  4. It is NIOSH approved

See full details and availability here..