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Best Paint Roller Frames and Paint Trays 2017

Best Paint Roller Frames

Paint roller frames make a difference…..

O.K. not on a humanitarian scale ( ‘though I’m sure more than one Purdy roller frame has been used to roll out some Graffitti message of power/ outrage / humour ).. No, not that way at all. But the best paint roller frames will save you a lot of time and energy, ‘cos thats what paint roller frames do. And the way to get, say, a purdy roller frame to cover walls and ceilings well, is to use the best paint roller cover. We discuss the-best-method-for-painting-ceilings-with-a-roller in our post on paint roller frames, including your purdy roller frame types and showing the best wooster paint roller selection – as we know it. I believe you get the best paint roller cover over walls and ceilings economically and controllably because the best paint roller frame will be firm, with a easy roll action and a barely flexible roll arm to ensure your application control. A Purdy roller frame, along with the best Wooster paint roller types, will provide that. It must also be said, that your best roller frame can’t work well with a garbage roller cover. You need to examine the surface to get the best paint roller cover benefit. if its a lovely smooth surface, a short nape or hair is your be paint roller cover, and if its a rough or textured, go longer Nape or hair. Its the surface that influence which makes the best paint roller cover as well as the quality you choose.

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wooster roller frame #1 – Wooster Brush, R017-9 Sherlock Roller Frame

We love these roller frames, they last, are easy to use and provide a great finish.

Excellent for amateurs and professionals, very good if you are new to painting and even better if you are not. The ergonomics of this product are phenomenal. There is a quick release spring which stops the roller from slipping but also enable one tap removal as well. The bearings in the roller mean that shank wear is minimised and you do not get grey streaks, it rolls very smoothly. It is constructed of fibreglass reinforced material on the nylon cage and also the end caps.

The technical specifications of this product will tell you that it has a 5/16 inch shank and a ninety degree angle. The polypropylene grip is both comfortable and functional with very strong reinforced threads, and most importantly its compatible with the wooster sherlock twist poles for an extension pole.

We don’t typically use anything else, as these products have worked so well for us in the past. These come in four distinct sizes for different applications, ranging from about $7 per unit to $13 depending on your selection:

  1. 4 Inch
  2. 7 Inch
  3. 9 Inch
  4. 14 Inch

PRO; Quick release is handy when you are on the job – faster, Wooster brand and excellent after sales support.

CON; There are less expensive products on the market and other brands are nipping at Woosters heels in terms of quality and usability.


#2 – purdy cagelessPurdy Pro-Extra 9 Inch Cageless Paint Roller Frames

Unique and clever – Put simply, this design is a game changer for the market and works really really well.

I had never seen one of these until a colleague showed me one whilst painting his ceilings when we were giving him a hand. There are a few features that sets this product apart from the rest.

The roller has a hexagon spring tension that means that the roller cover fits snugly when fitted. It is designed for your standard 1-3/4 inch roller cover diameter. The roller is super light with an excellent aluminium alloy that is both strong and durable but most importantly light. Fatigue is not an issue with this roller – It will literally last for life if it is cared for correctly. The rubberised comfort grip handle fits the quick-fit and pro-extra extension poles as well as standard extension poles which is really handy for an inexpensive solution. This product weighs in at 11.2 ounces.

PRO: Extremely light weight and free from the risk of fatigue, easy to clean, Purdy quality. Able to use generic extension poles.

CONS: I cant think of one for this product, it is more expensive than most roller frames but it will definitely last longer and be easier to use.


Best Roller Trays – Professional Selection / Buying Guide

Every paint roller needs a tray that is the right size and appropriate for the job at hand. It may seem like a small thing but getting the right paint roller tray will save you a lot of hassles and make the job so much easier. There are a few  things to consider when buying a paint roller tray;

  • Are you going to use it more than once.
  • How frequently will you use the roller tray.
  • What size paint roller will you be painting with.
  • What size areas will you typically be painting.
  • What kinds of paint will you use within the roller tray.

Once you have answered these simple questions it will lead you to making the right informed decision on the products available.

General Purpose Quality Roller Tray

9 inch purdy trayOur top pick for a general purpose paint roller tray is the Purdy ‘2 quart’ metal roller tray. The metal won’t bend when you pick it up, reducing the chances of spilling paint in your home (or client’s home). Note: we also hope you’ve utilized drop cloths… This tray is good for rollers up to 9 inches wide and its manufactured in Canada for quality. It is heavy duty with a ribbed bottom area, easy to clean and also has ladder hook legs for when you are painting on a ladder in difficult to reach locations.

9 Inch Roller Tray Specs…

If you are looking for an 11 inch option then look no further, we recommend the Wooster ‘2 quart’ 11 inch tray. Nice and deep, solid construction, no spills and made to last..

11 Inch Roller Tray Specs..

Single Use Roller Trays

As an example, single use roller trays are cheap/easy to buy and you can even buy them in bulk. These are not an ideal solution if you are painting regularly and need a durable product, however if you are doing a small job around the home or just need some extra’s lying around when you do an alternate color on the same painting job for example then they’re a serviceable unit.

See Disposable Trays Here..

Special purpose Roller Trays

There are some products that are very useful for smaller rollers, such as the ‘Handy Roller Cup‘, this product makes it easy to return paint into the tin and is easy to carry and transport. It’s lightweight, compact and practical for small jobs. Its even handy when painting with a brush, we use them regularly..

handy roller cup

View Availability and Current Price Here..

The Big Ben roller tray is used for extra wide rollers (up to 21 inches!), it can be handy for preventing spills over edges too even when using smaller length rollers. In our experience these can be a bit cimbersome to move around, but for the right job and a wide roller, they are the business, the good business.

Full Specifications Here..

Combination Roller Tray Products

If you are still not sure which product is right for you, we also recommend the Stanley paint kit which includes tray, liner, roller frame, two rollers and a trim brush. This is a good starter pack but it won’t have the best of everything included. We prefer to buy good products individually then make up our own collection of the best gear for an application, Doing this gives a complete choice of brand style, type, size and more..

See Details here…

The Washup – Paint Roller Frame Reviews 2017

Typically we provide 3 of the top products available on the market for a specific purpose but in this case we believe that there are only two worth recommending and if you are after an effective inexpensive option then review the other models that are available on Amazon to get yourself a bargain. In general you want a paint roller that can stand the test of time and for the bearings to last so that you can keep on using it. Additionally you want a paint roller that is easy to clean once you have removed the roller cover. The models above have excellent protection for the bearings themselves and good quality connection points for extension poles so that it is rigid and sturdy when you want to paint, nothing worse than a floppy extension pole to roller connection that effects the overall quality of the job you do. The final consideration is how easy it is to remove the roller cover after you have painted for a few hours, it can be a rain pain in the you know what if the roller cover is difficult to take off, especially after a hard day working and all you want to do is clean it up to look after your equipment. All that being said, you can review all the different roller frame options here to make the right choice for your painting needs.

One final note – for smaller jobs like painting small areas and with special purpose paints you will require different inner diameter roller covers and special purpose roller frames, you can find these roller frames here which will make your job a lot easier and ensure that you get the right finish.

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