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Best Paint Spray Gun Reviews and Ratings 2017

Best Paint Spray Gun Reviews and Ratings – Your Buying Guide

Painting with electric spray guns is nothing like painting with rollers or paint brushes. This type of painting can be fast and provide an excellent finish providing you have the skills and the right equipment for the job. At times it can be a delicate job that needs a more detailed and precise paint procedure to prevent overspray, but for the most part if you set yourself up well it will save you a lot of time and effort. Luckily, there are paint spray guns that deliver a flawless job if used accordingly. That means if you want to do a great paint job (and do it fast), you should start by getting the best paint-spray-gun. In general, the painter should be experienced or well trained on how to carry out the procedure, however even if you haven’t used a paint spray gun before its still a good option, just be ready to test the sprayer for a few minutes in an area where you can practice before starting the job.

Investing in a great paint spray gun that will always give you good results means that you will avoid frustration of clogged nozzles and inconsistent coverage down the track. All that being said, if you plan on doing the painting yourself or upgrading to a better paint spray gun please read on and we will assist you in picking the right brand and model for your needs.

Best Electric Paint Spray Guns

wagner spray gun electricWagner 0518080 Control Spray Max Paint Sprayer

The Wagner paint sprayer has an impressive dual stage turbine, it can even be used for spraying thinner materials, lacquers and staining fluid. The air pressure control can be varied at different pressures and this will give greater control and less mess to clean up (this is particularly helpful with thinner materials). An air flex hose is quite long, over 20 feet, which should be long enough for any professional painter. You can choose from 3 different patters when spraying, and this means that the specific job can be done with the most appropriate spray setting. The flow can also be controlled in a variable manner, so that you can slow down in difficult areas and speed up when you are on a roll!


You can buy cheaper models such as the homeright, Kumas and Can-gun brands of electric paint spray guns but we don’t recommend it. For professional quality and surface finish on high precision surfaces such as car doors we only recommend pneumatic style paint spray guns, and for home fencing and walls then the electric style are more than adequate.

Best Pneumatic Paint Spray Guns

devilbiss pro paint sprayerDevilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670 Paint Spray Gun Review

The Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670 is like the rest of the Finishline models when it comes to quality and efficiency. Most of the Finishline 4 series are known for using and developing the latest atomization (fine mist spray) technology to the hands of the painter. If you are looking for a gun that has superb precision machined air cap with very good fluid nozzles then this spray gun model is a good choice. Such features allow the painter to achieve painting finishes that are impeccable without having to struggle trying to dilute the paint to the right level or test on a heap of surfaces prior to starting the job. The gun has HVLP high transfer efficiency and produces soft uniform sprays, (reduced velocity of the paint fluid means less spatter and a better quality finished product). This gun is one of the best 3 paint spray guns available – its features include high grade stainless steel components, anodized body and internal passages that simplify the cleaning of the gun significantly. Most paint spray gun models, even the best quality brands, are not usually easy to clean. Again, this Finishline paint spray gun works amazingly fast saving the painter a great deal of time. When it comes to handle-ability, the gun is 1.5 pounds in weight and thus you will be able to comfortable spray paint for hours on end if required.


Best Spray Painting Equipment Reviews

Any painting job with a spray gun is both good fun and quick to achieve. In the professional painters tool shed the spray gun is the most prized possession and a valuable asset because jobs done are comprehensive for the customer and easily achievable for the pro painting team. The best spray painting guns such as Wagner electric spray guns and Devilbiss pneumatic spray guns will serve you well for a long time, an appropriate investment for serious painters. You will always get what you pay for but with that in mind, amazon typically has sales on these items as they’re in high demand. A tradesman never blames his tools, but with a good set of tools you won’t need to either!

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