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Best Portable Electric Generator Reviews 2017

Portable generators for Painting Professionals

Portable generator buying ensures the job you said will be done, can be done. On time, per quote, and if required at any time or place. The best portable generators are light, reliable and powerful. That’s what makes a top portable generator- you can take it anywhere, any time, and with the right fuel it starts every time. As a portable generator buying rule, typically as with most things, really, you get what you pay for. There are multiples of cheap portable generator type around, built in places you’re going to find hard to pronounce, let alone read the instruction for. And come warranty time…?

Look, most worthy repair agents will charge big dollars just to look at your unit, let alone work on it. And parts- if they make or supply them – well, good luck..

That’s the key in how to choose a portable generator- parts, after service reputation and understanding, and what’s meant on, say, your Yamaha portable generator reviews.

What Size and Type of Portable Generator

What gear are you using- is it to flood your work area with light to promote a better than Average Joe finish? Or are you powering up your compressor for a full sided spray job? Maybe you need the power to do both. If its short winter days and you need the extra light to finish your job, can you count on the job sites power provisions? Some residential sites I’ve worked on you practically fight for access to the power board. Reliable, independent power sources give you the upper hand in when you can work, and in places and times that others will struggle and sometimes fail.

Mid Summer and your District is having power outages? You won’t, you get to keep earning and achieving- and you have your tools of trade still making the job flow on. Check out the  portable generator reviews we have put together to help you as a kind of buyers guide. We’ve had a good look at a range of local and imported types, checked out what we think is the “in class” best diesel portable generator types and followed the development progress of what’s become the best portable inverter generator.

Let’s see what’s available here…

yamaha quiet inverter portable generatorYamaha EF2000iS 2,000 Watt 4-Stroke Portable Inverter Generator Review

The Professional Choice

To start with this unit is the best of the best, CARB Compliant and a nice Blue colour. Its rated to 1600 watt AC output with 2000 watt maximum if required. It can handle 13.3/16.7 amps @ 120V if required to do so.

This portable generator from Yamaha is an inverter 4 stroke model with a Super-quiet muffler with USFS-approved spark arrestor – 51.5 dBA at 1/4 load. There is a feature called Smart Throttle which alters the engine RPM based on the load its required to power. This makes it an excellent choice for fuel efficiency and also as a quiet inverter generator. The pulse width moderation control is second to none on this brand and model. CARB compliant of course.

See current details here…

power pro 1000WPowerPro 2-Stroke Generator Review (1000W)

Low Duty Top Seller

The power pro portable 2 stroke generator unit weighs approximately 36 pounds, has a comfortable handle for transportation and four rubber stops for stability when running, this light weight low duty generator is ideal for portability and small jobs.

The tank size is 1 gallon which runs for about 5 hours at half load (500W), its nice and quiet so that you don’t annoy your neighbours if you’re camping and also so that you get along with everyone else at the job site! You can expect about 60db at 22 feet distance from the generator.

The the nameplate says 1000W you are likely to get about 900W running power out of this unit, it has a 1 year warranty and is CARB and EPA compliant.

See full specifications here…

Cant find what you’re looking for, there is a more extensive range here, the above two models are our recommendations based on experience warranty and quality.