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Best Power Paddle mixers for Painting

Best Power Paddle mixers for Painting Professionals

Best portable Paddle mixers for painting

As all professionals’ know, what we do is the finishing off trade. We cover the gaps, seal the sloppy or poorly finished work of disinterested or incompetent workers, and create the seal of approval the owner or builder requires for lasting satisfaction. Paddle mixers for painting jobs large and small save cumulative time and of course money. Paddle mixers for mortar and other heavy “mud” jobs have to be robust, durable and efficient to make the monetary savings you require. This review wants to show that, sure, time IS money, but it’s the money well spent that really saves the time.

brutus power paddle mixerBrutus 2 Speed Power paddle Mixer Review (#1)

OK, this is where, as part of our commitment to integrity, I announce a personal bias.


I’m left handed, and love the fact the safety on / off switch on these units IS NOT naturally covered by my “controlling “hand. Think it’s not a problem? Try using a jig saw sometime…

There, I’m over it. Now-

These are the good stuff, realistic in price and application; they are tough enough for the dumb and torturous things that folks will do to them when they think you’re not looking. You know the old slander of “throw enough mud and it sticks?”

These mixed that mud.

Practically suited to all on the job applications, they are light feeling for the scale of jobs they do, and super Torque driven to complete the job required. Confident in the strength and ability of the motor, Brutus provide a quick fit paddle ‘cos you’re really just gonna keep on trying it out, aren’t you…?

As we’ve mentioned on this site before, you get what you pay for, and these are just great value for the buck. How many groups will offer 2 year warranty on this type of trade item. That’s confidence, well placed.

Light weight motor, variable speed, comfort grip and a brand you can rely on..


There are a few other options we recommend below, they’re good, but the Brutus does the job (does it well) and is priced well for the quality product that it is.

paddle mixer1Paddle Mixer Summary – Your Buying Guide

Design and construction of good quality and best buy paddle best buy paddle mixers is not a universal. You should, as a matter of course, get yourself the best level of utensil for your application. Again and again, we wish to stress you buy the best quality portable drills and paddle mixers are to purpose and not cost. Big bucks don’t mean better application. We do our best paddle mixer reviews based on the belief in the item, not the cost. We keep in mind the overall true cost of break downs- or down right throw away, because 2 hours away from the job is your lost dollars in purchase. It adds up. We know the best price mixers will equate savings over the longer term, but look for reliability and replacement parts as a true component in deciding what to include in our best paddle mixer reviews. We want to save time, money and waste of product and labor ‘cos life’s too short and we’re both busy enough already, right?

Nothing’s bullet proof in this range, so look after it, clean at the end of use then store safely, and we are confident our shortlisted, bang for the buck items will provide the best quality paint mixer for the job we think you’re are heading to.  We want to give the best paint mixer review to that range, and believe we have down the work to show it.

2- Temix TMX PRO 1250 1220W Mixer drill 230V

This is a good item. Useful inclusions such as a set of carbon brushes come standard with the helical mixing paddle and the wrenches to fit. A gutsy and well-made unit, it has an easy hold soft feel grip and a nicely curved power band to start the mix well. It has a claimed 80 litre mix load and can range fairly comfortably through the work range from varnishes to mortar mixing and fillers. The surprising range this unit can manage – to its class- is no doubt helped by the infinite speed regulation setting feature . That’s the thing about the best quality paddle drills, you will learn the uses as they teach you.  Great to have in the back of the truck.

3- Belle group promix 1600E Electric Belle Promix 1600 W paddle mixer

This is the “Day One On a Big Site” Mixer. The job you’ve seen and quoted for in progress, and then found those spots behind the general layout or floor plan where the lazy or unskilled crew member has been goofing off. You don’t need patch for this, you need the plaster mud that should have been correctly applied in the first place. You need best Plaster mixer to get in and fix to go. If the weather is too hot or too cold, your mud will go “off” and you will have poor lumpy work, hard to finish well for your standard of look and / or you will be throwing away buckets of it, including the cash you paid one of the crew to mix. These units are easily strong enough, with low down grunt that comes in gently so you have less clean up time and product loss through unintended splash out – although reminding the “new boy” to use a bigger bucket helps too…

Gentle enough for adding thinners and solvent to other jobs as they come, the best professional paddle mixer label may be quite a call to some, but it has to be up there with them

power mixer 24- Tecmix TMX Pro 1250 hand held 1600W Mixer Drill 230V

These units are designed for lighter work, yet can still mix up pretty big volumes. Whilst I would be careful on the amounts of, say, plaster or spacca fill I was stirring up, they will no doubt go the distance for a very long haul with the less viscous, and lets face it, more often used, paint mixing and prepping you will do. It’s a big volume paddle too, capable of the claim to 120 litres, so go and get a bigger bucket…

As always, gentle beginnings with the trigger makes for less clean up and waste, and it comes with the welcome standards that quality producers such as Tecmix usually provide such as quality tooling fit and replacement carbon brushes.