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Cheap OSHA approved Extension Ladders

cheap extension ladderConsidering the cheap extension ladders and OSHA approved ladders

A lot of people totally go online to buy the cheapest product which obviously isn’t a right approach. It becomes even worse when you are buying ladders online. It is because of their safety concerns as a substandard ladder can result in serious injuries. The extension ladders are highly in demand for both domestic and industrial uses. The cheap extension ladders and OSHA approved ladders makes a good combination. There is no harm in buying an inexpensive ladder if it has an OSHA approval stamp over it. It will endorse the quality and would ensure that the product has met all the safety concerns.

What is OSHA?

OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is a regulatory body which works for the safety of different workers who are into some physical job that has potential injury risks. The ladder used in the industries is one such thing which OSHA addresses very closely due to the injury risk attached with it. The workers climb several feet high ladders for different purposes and can fall, if the equipment is fragile or not good enough for the job. Therefore, the buyers must search online for ‘cheap extension ladders and OSHA approved ladders’ in conjunction to find out the best value deal. The OSHA approval can be of great benefit for the domestic users as well and they must also look for similar approved products when making a purchase.

OSHA instructions for using extension ladders:

The regulatory body emphasis the fact of looking for OSHA approved ladders if they are into some serious ladder climbing business. The following are some of the safety precautions explained by OSHA:

  • People a ladder which is capable of sustaining about 4x the maximum intended load with exception to the ones where each supplementary heavy duty type 1A metal or maybe a plastic ladder would support about 3.3x minimum. Follow all the manufacturer’s safety related instructions and also check the labels for the crucial safety information.
  • A competent professional in ladder related job should visually inspect all the extension types before they use. They must identify the faults such as missing rungs, screws, bolts or any other component. If it is placed in any work environment, then the responsible authoritative person should immediately mark it as ‘Don Not Use’.
  • A ladder should only be placed in places where there is enough rough to get off from the equipment. The area around the bottom of the ladder must be cleared and clean from all sorts of things.
  • The extension ladder must be set against the wall at the appropriate angle. It should be leaned against the wall in such a way that the bottom part is 1/4th of the working length of the extension ladder away from the wall.


The professionals must survey the area before installing the ladder and beginning their work. Check the area for any greasy material or anything which can cause the ladder to slip.

osha approved ladder