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Drop Sheets – How to Set them up

how to setup a dropclothHow To Set Out Drop Sheets So That You Don’t Get Paint On Furniture

Professional painters understand that drop sheets are vital if they want to have a painting experience that is stress-free and not messy. In fact, drop sheets are equally as important as rollers and brushes used for painting. Nobody wants to complete painting their walls and ceiling only to discover that they have made a total mess of everything by splattering the paint on the floor and even their furniture. This is where a drop sheet comes in handy. Drop sheets are important to place before you begin painting and it is even more important to spread them well. Spreading a drop sheet badly may be worse than  not spreading one at all. So, how do you set out a drop sheet to make sure there is no trace of paint on the floor after painting your walls or ceiling?

First, you have to select the right type of drop sheet. Go for a heavier type of drop sheet, especially those made from strong fabric like canvas. They are usually made of strong weave which give total protection to the floor and furniture.

drop cloth setupLaying your drop cloth

Before you lay the drop sheet, clean up the floor properly using a vacuum to prevent debris and dirt from being trapped underneath. If you have paper or plastic drop sheets, you will need to tape them at their edges to prevent any sliding while walking on them. You can make use of a masking tape to secure the sheet covers your furniture properly. This will make it stick with the furniture long enough for you to complete your painting task.

You will need to fold the drop sheet to the appropriate size of your room in case the sheet is larger than the room or area you want to protect. Do not cut the sheet in any circumstance. Instead of folding, some people make the mistake of cutting the sheet only to discover they needed it again to be used in a larger room.

To protect the borders of the room from getting paint, you can always tack these areas with small nails or tacks. If you are going to paint the ceiling, endeavour to remove all curtains, drapes and wall arts that may be stained while painting the ceiling. At the very least, ensure they are well and truly covered from getting paint droplets or spatter.

Plastic drop sheets are usually slippery. If you are making use of a plastic drop sheet, you will need to put on rubber sole shoes to make sure you do not slip while walking on the drop sheet. But other types of drop sheets do not have this problem. The plastic is throw away, yes, but be very careful about them. Not only slippery, they will stay “wet” and may well mark things when you are cleaning up after your good days work is done.

After painting, you will need to remove the sheet by folding one edge after another to prevent any spill of the paint splatter on the floor or furniture. After effectively removing the sheet, try to wash off immediately and store for future use. Usually, plastic drop sheets cannot be washed while those made with fabric or cotton can easily wash off. So, when buying a drop sheet, these things should be considered before making your purchase.