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Styles of Paint Brushes – Hairs, Handles and Design

Different types of Paint Brushes

paint brush bristlesAnd what they’re used for!!!

When anyone is looking to paint their home there are different paint brushes they are going to need. The average painter does not realize the importance of using different brushes for doors, windows, and other areas. In this article we are going to outline some of the best paint brushes for house painting and what areas they are going to be used for.

Painting by most these days is taken as a DIY project which is a good way of saving money. You can only be more productive if you are in possession of all the right tools and materials that are required for doing such a job. The selection of the right paint brush determines the quality and finish of the project.

If you have a large project, then the right product according to the needs and requirements of the job will also help you to finish it in quick time and without any compromising over the quality. There are of plenty different types of paint brushes available in the market and you need to pick the right one according to the nature of your job (surfaces,condition,interior or exterior) and of course your convenience and budget as well. The brush sizes are a critical matter which should be considered in selecting the appropriate size to do a particular job.

The basic paintbrush requirements:

The top brands that are available and preferred by the professionals are the Purdy, Wooster, Annie Salon, Little Greene, Plus Primers and the Mythic. Everyone has their choice but all these types are preferred for their quality, hand control and speed.

Natural bristle Paint Brushes

This is the preferred choice for using with the solvent type of paints. It allows users to paint more easily when applying the solvent type paints by using fewer brush marks or strokes over a given area to be painted. We generally recommend a little thinners mixed to the pot helps too but more on that later.
This type of brush is ideal to be used on the wall surfaces, doors and also on the skirting. The natural bristle has a type of structured hair which is great to use in that it allows them to take and hold the paint well within the brush. Its has got split ends if you observe closely, and this causes them to give a much better finish to the solvent paint range of painting jobs .

Combined natural and synthetic type paintbrushes

This type uses both the types of bristles in conjunction and gives great effect with positive features of both in pick up and flow. As with every brush you use, the clean up and rinse out is crucial to how well they will perform next time. These, as a “best of both worlds” brush, require a longer or more thorough drying time to avoid the bristle swell but the reward is a generally likeable brush to use.

Hog Bristle Brushes

This paint brush is made from animal bristles and has a split at the ends. This paint brush was designed to hold oil based paint. They are durable and can be used to paint tougher surfaces such as siding and decks. These brushes can also be used when a person is painting with varnishes, polyurethane based paint ,and shellac.

nylon brush

brush is all about and why you would use “That” one.

The following are some of the different types of brushes that you will see in the market:

Synthetic bristle Paint Brushes

This type of brush with the synthetic bristles is preferred by the experts for use with the water based paints more than using the solvent based paints. The synthetic is known to be a very hard type of bristle material and it is also not going to absorb a large quantity of water. It is a good characteristic to have as they wouldn’t swell up by absorbing water or paint so much. The swell will eventually lead to what we call tramlines, thicker line marks in the paint which would look rubbish and of course spoil your good work. The drying time for the paint using synthetic bristle is also very slightly quicker.

Nylon Brushes

These brushes are made with filaments and are able to be used on rough surfaces including brick. They tend to get a little floppy when used in the heat so when painting outside a person should wait for a cooler or cloud day. These brushes should not be used with latex based paints as they will soak up the water from this paint.

Polyester Brushes

These paintbrushes are stiff but they can leave behind stroke marks on walls and other surfaces. Before using this paintbrush it is recommended that they are soaked in water. While this paintbrush is not ideal for painting walls it is effective when using varnishes and polyurethane based paints.

Synthetic Blend Paint Brushes

These paint brushes are made from polyester as well as nylon so they are firm to use. These brushes are designed to work with acrylic paints. They can also be used with Chinex because of the natural bristles.

paint brush style reviewsTypes of paint brushes

As mentioned above, there are different types of painting brushes. The determination of the best paint brush is dependent on the quality of the bristles, handles and the size of the tool. You got to look for the best combination which will allow you to finish the job with ease and in quick time. The potential buyer is advised to educate themselves just a little here and look at things like the Wooster paint brushes review, which will bring both understanding and quality to the users in their DIY painting projects.
We reviewed a few that we see as really worthwhile checking out. To help cut out the jargon,we have used just plain old english by saying how it works on the wall and in the hand.

Synthetic Shorty Paintbrush

synthetic shortyThis is a small paintbrush. It is not more than two and a half inches in length. This brush can be used with elastometic based paints. It can be used on surfaces where a regular paint brush would slip and create streaks. This brush can be use to painting the molding and trim in the home. It is also recommended to use a latex paint on these items as well as this paintbrush.

The Radiator Brush

This brush has a head that is bent. It can be used to paint hard to reach area such as those spots behind the radiator in order home. It can also help a person get paint in crevices that are hard to reach. The brush has a blend of white and black bristles that are made from a nylon blend. It can be used for oil based paints and will leave a brush free stroke.

The Angled Sash Paint Brush

This paintbrush has bristles that are made from nylon and the brush is designed to be extra firm. It will keep its safe in extreme heat and even when being used when latex paints. Since this brush is able to make strong strokes and will stay firm it is great to be used to paint windows. The brush will even be able to get to narrow parts of the window and will not leave strokes behind.

Feathery Finisher – Smooth texture Paintbrush

This paintbrush has bristles that are made from the hairs of the European oxen. The bristles are silky and will leave a streak free finish to the surface. The bristles are also dense. They can be used with paints , varnishes, or shellac. This brush can be used to create finishes on various items. The brush will be able to cover a large surface at one time. The edges will not be hard but they will leave a feathery appearance behind.

Good Grip – Comfort Brush

This paint brush has an extra grip down near the ferrule and has a beech handle that is bent to form to the crook of a person’s hand. This brush is comfortable to use and can be used on areas where a person is going to need to cover a large surface. This brush can be used with all different types of paint.

These are just some of the paintbrushes that can be used to paint the different areas in the home. These brushes will allow a person to paint all surfaces from the inside of the home to the outside. These brushes will allow a person to get the best look for their home and have the home looking fresh in no time.

Every professional painter whether experienced or amateur are discerning about the selection of their paintbrushes. And typically become more selective in the selection as they grow in experience with time. Everyone has a favorite type which makes them feel at ease and also more productive while they are at their painting job. There are a number of types available and you can choose paint brushes by evaluating different types and their factors. The American brushes as always are topping all the comparison tables closely followed by British brands. The race is still on for the best paint brushes for all the painting professionals.


Options for water based paint

The Purdy Glide and XL range is desirable for the purpose and recommended by a number of users. The 3 inch FTP Wooster is ideal for small and quick job with the immense hand control of the work that you do. Another picky choice with the acrylic eggshell paint, partially gloss paint or with the Mythic eggshell is the 2.5 inch Picasso which gives great speed in small painting jobs. If you look further, then the Wooster Alpha is not a bad choice either. It was the top most choice until 2011, but several new products came which has changed the preference of the professionals. However, there are some users who are still in love with the Alpha type because of its quality and ease of using with speed.

Options for oil based painting

For conventional oil based jobs, the Wooster FTP is the top choice of the professionals. It is ideal for the kitchen cabinets, hand painting job along with the ample support of the black foam roller. The Alpha Wooster of 1.5 inches will be the most apt option for painting kitchen cabinets at home with ease and with speed.

Paint Brush Style and Type Summary:

Selecting a paintbrush can be the personal choice of the painter, but there are some specialized jobs which require a specific type of brush for ease in completing the job. The users can look for the various options and can check for the experts’ advice on the web to get the best solution.

paint brush types

All of these paint brush types can be “the” best for various jobs and would make it easy to accomplish best results in a professional way. Do the research, check our down to earth reviews and choose your best paintbrush for the job !

And if that was confusing, we have created a paint brush guide to help you make the right choice for your next DIY paint job. This will help select the right paint brush for your painting project.

  1. Paintbrushes for Paint Type

    1. Certain paints will require certain types of paint brushes. A paint brush that is latex based will work best with a brush with synthetic bristles. Oil based paints and varnishes work better with a brush with natural bristles. The higher quality the bristles are the smoother the finish will be.
  2. Paintbrush Handle Advice

    1. The handles of the paint brush are made from different plastics and different woods. A person should pick up several brushes and see how they feel. With all of the choices a person should find the handle that is the most comfortable in their hand.
  3. All about Paint brush Bristles

    1. There are two main types of bristles that come on a paintbrush. There are natural and synthetic bristles. The natural bristles are made from animal hair. Hog is a common hair that is used on paintbrushes. Synthetic bristles are made from materials including nylon and polyester. When a person is painting with oil based paints natural bristles will work the best. Synthetic bristles will work better with paints that are latex based. To be sure that the right paint brush is being used be sure to check the package before making a purchase to make sure that brush can be used with the correct type of paint.
  4. Paint Brush Bristle Shape

    1. The most common type of paint brush has square bristles. They are good for holding and will allow the paint to be applied on many different types of surfaces. A person using a square brush may have some trouble getting in corners and narrow areas. When painting corners or areas where precision is important a sash brush should be used. This brush has a slight angle and will allow a person to get into areas that are hard to reach.
  5. Paint Brush Bristle tips

    1. For brushes that are high quality look for tips that are flagged or have splits at the ends. Flagged bristles will be able to hold more paint in one stroke and will spread evenly over a surface. Sash brushes may have tipped ends. The ends of the brush will come to what looks like a point. These brushes were not cut straight and they are not flat like the standard paint brush. They will allow a person to have more control over the brush and will be good for getting into tight areas.