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Hailo Ladders Buying Guide

hailo-combination-ladders-with-adjustable-pedalBest Hailo Ladders for Home and Garden – Top Choices

“Hailo Ladders” is a renowned brand in Britain, which has great connections in different industries across the region. It is an essential thing for many professionals such as cleaners, painters, roofers and anyone who is interested in some type of house improving project. They are available in a number of different varieties which are suitable for different purposes. The material, size and style of the ladder are important consideration when making such a purchase.

Different types of ladders at Hailo:

There are a number of different types of ladders at Hailo which are given below:

  • Step Ladders – It is highly comforting for domestic uses, especially because of its light weight, small size and also the ability to get folded up for easy storage. It is ideal to use where low height access is desirable, such as painting walls and ceilings in the house. They are available in maximum sizes of 5 meters.
  • Rigid Ladder – it is a ladder that needs support and can be leaned against a wall or any other solid object such as a tree for fruit plucking. They give you access to higher areas, but they aren’t that stable and supportive as the step ladders. They can be of timber, glass fiber or aluminum material. They are very tall and can be extended even if more height is desirable.
  • Multi-purpose ladders – these are the most flexible ladders as they can be changed in shape and sizes to suit different needs as desired by the user. The uses include while working in low spaces, roofing or any other hard to reach area. They use several joints for giving the flexibility and different options for the users.

hailo laddersHeight of the ladder:

Height is the very important consideration when making such a purchase. Everybody looking for a ladder does have a specific need. He should check that how much access he is looking for with such an equipment. He can take the average height and can make the purchase based on the average height requirement.

Hailo Ladder Material and Construction:

The Material is the next big thing to consider in this regard. Aluminum is an all rounder and can be used in all domestic, commercial or industrial uses due to its sturdiness, lightweight and affordability. Aluminum is not preferable where electricity related work is done as it is an electrical conducter. Fiberglass is suitable for industrial purposes or where aluminum fail. Fiberglass is the most expensive material of all but it is durable as well. Timber is another option which is cheaper than fiberglass, but it might not be that durable.

Safety Considerations with Hailo Ladders:

Safety considerations must always be given prime importance while working with ladders. All Hailo ladders come with a safety rating, which gives an indication about the maximum weight capacity. The heavy duty ladders can give a maximum weight capacity of 140 Kg. Therefore,ignoring the maximum capacity can be a huge mistake while buying a ladder for your use. It should be kept in mind that using a ladder without knowing the maximum load carrying capacity can result in accidents as it may break or fall. So,the users must buy a ladder after checking its maximum weight capacity.