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How to Clean a Paint Roller Cover

Cleaning Roller Covers after Painting

It’s common for home owners to paint their entire house in the spring or summer months. In fact, when these jobs are done to a good standard, the home will have a completely new, refreshed look. This is often because of the home owner and the family’s preferences, they may choose to change the color of each room in order to start with a new look for the inside and out. Before you begin this kind of work, however, there are number of different things that will need to be prepared in advance. From buying the best type of quality paint for the job and good painting equipment or even hiring professional painters to complete the work, every part of this job must be well laid out for the best results. That said, there is always one significant part of any painting job that should not be left out of the planning process, and that is the clean up afterwards. The clean up process is the part that most people really do not like, even though it must be done and completed with the appropriate measures. Specifically, if you expect to keep the paint rollers for additional jobs (which you definitely should..) so that they can save money as well as time shopping for more paint tools and equipment.

How Paint Rollers are Normally Cleaned

how-clean-paint-roller-bucketStandard practice for most painters will be to flush the paint from the rollers on the outside of the home (usually the lawn or the garden area) by using lots of water from a hose. Another common method is washing and squeezing the paint out of the roller within a laundry tub/basin until the water runs clear. As an alternative, there are some tools that can be used to expedite the process and also keep your frustration level down. So, for those of you who are interested in what is available on the market today, here’s two basic tools that the team here at Paints on Ladders recommended for quick clean up.

As stated previously, a big part of the clean up process is running water through the rollers to release all of that extra paint quickly. However, there are some additional ways to make sure that the paint is completely removed and no residue of the paint is left within the roller material.

Experts Tip: Getting this right makes a big difference to how well the roller performs the next time you use it.

1. Rejuva Roller Cleaner Review

rejuva roller cleanerWant the best in class roller cleaner that will clean any size roller in no time with no fuss and no second guessing yourself whether all the paint has been removed?? The Rejuva Roller Cleaner is the one and only product that guarantees success. Used mainly for water based paints, Simply insert the roller cover into the cylinder, seal the cylinder, attach the hose to the unit, turn it and wait for the water to run clear —> Done!

This product is amazing and works well every time, its quality construction means that it was last the test of time too.

See the full specifications here..

2. Home Right Roller Cleaner and Handy Painters Tool

save some paint roller cleaningPainters can also reduce the timing in cleaning paint rollers by using the home right roller cleaner. This product can be used in conjunction with paint thinner or mineral spirits for oil based paints. This is because the home right roller cleaner is a three in one solution that takes care of clean up jobs quickly and thoroughly without any unnecessary complications. This tool has a straightforward simple design that removes as much as 60 percent of the paint off of the roller with only one swipe down the roller. To complete the job (removing the remaining forty percent of the paint that is left on the roller), all the painter has to do is use the built-in comb to comb off the off the excess paint from the roller. It is also important to note that washing the roller will be required following the scraping of the roller cover.

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Solvents for Cleaning Paint Roller Covers

For water based paints – Water is fine and the Rejuva roller cleaner will do the trick nicely. Alternatively a good garden hose nozzle and some patience will also get the job done.

For oil based paints – You can use mineral spirits or paint thinner, in general mineral spirits is our recommendation as it is more refined, smells less and doesn’t contain other additives. Paint thinner is also a good option, it does come down to personal preference. We use this product for thinning oil based paints, it works a treat.. More Details Here..

Paint Roller Cleaning – The Wash Up

Cleaning rollers after a major paint job is usually a daunting task that even the most seasoned painters do not typically like doing. However, there is a lot of great products and information online today that can assist everyone with getting this part of the job done with as little fuss as possible. So, for those of you who need the extra help in cleaning up paint rollers quickly, there are some great tools available that can be used to finish the process in a fraction of the time. Two of the most commonly known and recommended tools are the Rejuva Roller Cleaner and the home right roller cleaner. Both of which can be used to expedite the process and restore the paint rollers to their original condition. When the job is done right, painters can use their rollers again for at least 3 to 4 more times, using these extra tools can save you time and money and perhaps most importantly reduce frustration.

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