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Menards Ladders and How to Use them

menards laddersBest Menards Ladders and Reviews

Buying ladders asks for some fair bit of research. It is because of the diversity in the range of the ladder types, material and quality. Further, the buyer must also analyze his needs for which he is looking for a ladder. The Menard ladders have an excellent reputation in this industry all across the United States. They are in this business for more than 50 years, which gives them the confidence to come up with really exceptional products. They have a diverse range of ladders which are given below:

  • Step ladders
  • Step stools
  • Platform ladders
  • Extension ladders
  • Multi-purpose ladders
  • Folding ladders
  • Telescopic ladders

The Basics for Ladders:

The ladders are available specifically for different purposes and are different from the domestic and industrial projects. The buyers must consider this element as severe injuries can be a result, if a wrong decision is made. It can also be because of a faulty design so be sure that the equipment is well up to the job. The home Menard ladders have a specific label which indicates about the maximum weight capacity. It is true that many buyers are not fully sure about the maximum weight capacity they will be having so it is always safer to go with the one with 300 pound capacity.

menards ladder 2Choosing the right ladder for the painting job:

You can easily browse for various types of Menard ladders which are specific for particular purposes. It must be selected according to the nature of your job, the design of the equipment and the height of the unit which is required to do the desired job. The users are advised to always try the ladder first and then bring it into proper use. Upon delivery, check it by climbing about a couple of steps. Shift your weight and find out if it is durable to sustain your weight or not. If you have the right feeling then only go for it. Otherwise, you can discuss with Menard and their representatives would love to help you out to clear your doubts. If it isn’t suitable then the return, refund and exchange policy is quite user friendly.

The importance of following step ladder the directions:

Even if you are using the equipment within its limits and capacity, there can still be an accident if you have not positioned it in the right way. The manufacturers give all the directions in a manual and the basic ones on board which you are required to follow religiously. Make sure that you check the dos and the don’ts of using the ladders very well in order to avoid any unwanted situation.


Safety First with Painting Ladder:

Ladder injuries are common and the American Ladder Institute has attributed all types of injuries with the improper selection and misuse of the equipment. The Menard in this regard is playing a good role by raising awareness about the proper use and selection. All of their products are ANSI certified after going through proper trial and test process.