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Best Paint Brush Sizes

paint brush style and sizesThe Top paint brush sizes


Painting can only be a possible DIY job if people have all the right information about the products and also the knowledge about using the right tool. There are a variety of different paint brush sizes available in the market where all are apt for different and specific purposes. The users have to be particular with the size and selection of their bushes if they want to do the job in a professional way. Apart from the sizes, they are also categorized as the digital paint brushes where they with their small size are used for the cleaning purposes of digital equipments interior and exterior that include your iPad, Smartphone and other digital devices. These are also produced by the paint brush manufacturers and the users have a great choice in hand, if they go with a single quality manufacturer who has all types of products with different sizes and brush types.

paint brush sizingSizes Guide for paint brushes:

The brushes as mentioned are available in a variety of different sizes. The small size brushes are also alternately known as sash or the trim brushes.  Their specific use is to apply paint on small, congested or tight places. If in case the bristles of the brushes are tapered then they can be used even for the painting of the corners and the grooves in a much easier way as compared with the flat bottom type of brush having the same size.

The wider or the larger brushes are alternately known as the wall brushes. They are particularly designed for the painting purposes of the large size flat surfaces which can be walls, ceiling or other large size objects such as cabinets. The users while choosing a large wall brush must know that as they go on with an increased size of the brush, they will start to lose precision and control on their painting tasks. So, increase size wisely and as per the needs, requirements and standard of the job. The following are some of the most popular sizes of the paint brushes which you must keep a note of:

  • 1 inch angled trim brush – It is the one which is preferred to use on the edges and the trim. You must go for the one with a stubby handle to get better precision and control on the job.
  • 2 inch angled trim brush – It is desirable for cutting in jobs of the edges and the corners. Further, they are also used for the painting purposes of sill, sashes and narrow windows.
  • 3 inch flat bristle sash/ trim brush – It is the one which is preferred by the users to use it on the wide sashes and trim for doing a top quality paint job. The experts here recommend users to have a 3-inch flat bristle brush with a regular handle for more controlled and precise painting.
  • Small chip brush – This type of a brush is used by the painters in very congested, tight and difficult to access to corners. It is slim and can access those areas with ease. These are also the 4 inch paint brushes.
  • 5 inch wall brush – This is the largest size that you can have and it is apt for the painting of walls, floors and ceilings. The five inch wall brush is great for covering large areas including the floor and the walls. It can even be used to help a person paint the ceiling.

There are lots of brands available who produces all these brush sizes. But the top quality, with all the sizes is available if you go and look for a Purdy paint brush review. The paint brush prices are also reasonable for this manufacturer.

More on the Size of the Paint Brush

  • Smaller paint brushes can be used around the home for getting into the tight spaces including corners and other areas that are hard to reach.
  • Brushes that have bristles that are tapered will be used to get into grooves and this will work much better than the flat brushes.
  • Paint brushes that are wide can be used on surfaces that are large and flat. They can be used for painting the majority of the walls. The wider the brush is the less precision that a person will have while they are painting.
  • The one inch angled sash paintbrush has a short and stubby handle. It will allow a person to paint trim without a problem.
  • The two inch brush is great for corners and edges. The brush can also be used to paint window sills and other areas that tend to be narrow.
  • The small chip brush can be used to get into tight spaces.