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Ramsay Painting Ladders Range

Best Ramsay Ladders

Ramsay is a renowned brand name in producing a range of ladders. They are preferred in the  UK and beyond due to their friendly, quick and state of the art products which are unbeatable in terms of quality and with designs to suit different needs. They have ladders for every application which can be apt for commercial, industrial and domestic use. Every ladder is designed keeping customers’ needs and satisfaction in mind.

Ramsay ladders and their common sizes interests their potential clients a lot. They have tens of ladders for different purposes, but the most popular and in-demand products will be discussed here to give you an idea about their expertise.

Ramsay Step Ladder Sizes

Ramsay Loft Ladder:

The Ramsay Loft ladder is the most in demand for obvious reasons. It is widely preferred in domestic uses, but also has applications within industry, particularly in warehouses to get access at different levels. They are ideally designed to support the different lengths of such a ladder. At Ramsay, it is available in 6 different sizes, the maximum size is 3.66 meters. They come with 3 brackets along with spring controlled operation. They have an operational pole, single handrail and all other fixings to make it ready for any task.

Ramsay Galvanized Mild Steel Platform:

This is yet another useful option which has its application in all domestic, commercial and industrial uses. The galvanized mild steel material calls for some heavy investment, but that is definitely worthwhile when you need this kind of platform. It is ideal for outdoor use, the platform dimensions are 600mm wide x 400mm deep. The dimensions of the treads of this galvanized platform are 550mm wide x 16mm deep. The handrails are 1100mm in height on 3 different sides of the unit. It has useful retractable lifting brakes as well, along with swivel wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

Ramsay Window Cleaning – DWC

This type of ladder has excellent commercial applications. You would have seen them very often in shopping malls for cleaning their tall glass exterior. It is a double extension ladder which you can open up if taller structures are needed to be accessed. The build is totally aluminium, which is durable and lightweight at the same time. It has a diameter of 24mm along with the serrated round rungs fixed at 250mm apart.  It has a very pointed top with a splayed base and a rubber block is fitted at each end, for giving optimum support from the ground.

No matter what you need in terms of a Ladder, Ramsay ladders have something to offer their customers. You can choose according to your needs and requirements and make a selection based upon the features.

Whether you need a ladder for your domestic use or for a commercial purpose, you will find high quality products within the Ramsay ladder range. These ladders are durable and made of sturdy material meaning that they are an excellent investment for the long term.