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paint brush style and sizesThe Top paint brush sizes


Painting can only be a possible DIY job if people have all the right information about the products and also the knowledge about using the right tool. There are a variety of different paint brush sizes available in the market where all are apt for different and specific purposes. The users have to be particular with the size and selection of their bushes if they want to do the job in a professional way. Apart from the sizes, they are also categorized as the digital paint brushes where they with their small size are used for the cleaning purposes of digital equipments interior and exterior that include your iPad, Smartphone and other digital devices. These are also produced by the paint brush manufacturers and the users have a great choice in hand, if they go with a single quality manufacturer who has all types of products with different sizes and brush types.

paint brush sizingSizes Guide for paint brushes:

The brushes as mentioned are available in a variety of different sizes. The small size brushes are also alternately known as sash or the trim brushes.  Their specific use is to apply paint on small, congested or tight places. If in case the bristles of the brushes are tapered then they can be used even for the painting of the corners and the grooves in a much easier way as compared with the flat bottom type of brush having the same size.

The wider or the larger brushes are alternately known as the wall brushes. They are particularly designed for the painting purposes of the large size flat surfaces which can be walls, ceiling or other large size objects such as cabinets. The users while choosing a large wall brush must know that as they go on with an increased size of the brush, they will start to lose precision and control on their painting tasks. So, increase size wisely and as per the needs, requirements and standard of the job. The following are some of the most popular sizes of the paint brushes which you must keep a note of:

  • 1 inch angled trim brush – It is the one which is preferred to use on the edges and the trim. You must go for the one with a stubby handle to get better precision and control on the job.
  • 2 inch angled trim brush – It is desirable for cutting in jobs of the edges and the corners. Further, they are also used for the painting purposes of sill, sashes and narrow windows.
  • 3 inch flat bristle sash/ trim brush – It is the one which is preferred by the users to use it on the wide sashes and trim for doing a top quality paint job. The experts here recommend users to have a 3-inch flat bristle brush with a regular handle for more controlled and precise painting.
  • Small chip brush – This type of a brush is used by the painters in very congested, tight and difficult to access to corners. It is slim and can access those areas with ease. These are also the 4 inch paint brushes.
  • 5 inch wall brush – This is the largest size that you can have and it is apt for the painting of walls, floors and ceilings. The five inch wall brush is great for covering large areas including the floor and the walls. It can even be used to help a person paint the ceiling.

There are lots of brands available who produces all these brush sizes. But the top quality, with all the sizes is available if you go and look for a Purdy paint brush review. The paint brush prices are also reasonable for this manufacturer.

More on the Size of the Paint Brush

  • Smaller paint brushes can be used around the home for getting into the tight spaces including corners and other areas that are hard to reach.
  • Brushes that have bristles that are tapered will be used to get into grooves and this will work much better than the flat brushes.
  • Paint brushes that are wide can be used on surfaces that are large and flat. They can be used for painting the majority of the walls. The wider the brush is the less precision that a person will have while they are painting.
  • The one inch angled sash paintbrush has a short and stubby handle. It will allow a person to paint trim without a problem.
  • The two inch brush is great for corners and edges. The brush can also be used to paint window sills and other areas that tend to be narrow.
  • The small chip brush can be used to get into tight spaces.


harris paint brushesThe Best Harris Paint Brush Reviews – Top Selection

Harris paint brushes manufacturer does have a history of producing quality brushes to support a variety of painting tasks. Several professionals go unanimously, with the brand as they find their brushes to be comfortable and easy for performing large scale painting jobs. The reputation of the brand is excellent which is evident with such an overwhelming response which comes from the people using their tools.

Top products from Harris brand Brushes:

The Harris brand has produced some really amazing tools to impress both the professionals and hobbyists who are into all kind of painting jobs. The following are their top 3 products that you will see in the market:

Harris Taskmaster Paint Brush 2 inch

The Taskmaster range from the Harris brand is excellent in terms of their performance and quality. This 2 inch brush from the range is one excellent tool that you can have for small painting tasks including edges, windows and fences, etc. The product is enriched with the standard which all the products from Harris have. It is an affordable option which will run for a long time. It has a black and an orange finish which looks dapper. The weight of the item is just 0.3 ounces which will do any household painting job comfortably without having any element of hand fatigue. The grip is ergonomic and this will surely benefit you in longer painting jobs. The tool is suitable for a variety of purposes of paint and varnish. It will give a very even and smooth finishing of paint.

Harris Paint brush 3 inches Woodcare 10630

This 75mm or 3 inch brush is another spectacular venture from Harris brand. It has excellent bristle quality which guarantees the integrity of the paint no matter wherever you apply. Its limited size makes it suitable for small scale jobs such as painting of windows, doors, fences, skirting and other small objects at home. The tips of the bristles are very important to be intact, especially when you are applying paint around the edges where you are looking to make a fine sharp line. If this is the case, then this 3 inch brush from Harris is the one to have in your hands to do your job comfortably. The grip is ergonomic and you will feel the lightweight to be an excellent option for making the most of your time while painting anything at your home.

Harris 4 inch paint brush Taskmaster

This is a nice 4 inch big brush which will be a great asset in your arsenal for looking after some large scale painting work. You can use this brush with full confidence for the painting purposes of your walls, ceilings, floors, doors and even windows. It might not be too productive around the edges due to its size, but otherwise it will give you a fine performance. The black and orange finish in the handle gives a nice ergonomic touch which will make this tool very easy to use. The integrity of the bristles will remain intact for a longer time.

harris paint brush reviewsAll these above mentioned brushes could help you achieve your painting goals easily and accurately without messing up the strokes and giving you a fine finish.

best foam paintbrushAn Introduction  to Foam Paint Brushes

The foam paint brushes give optimum controlling for the painter where they find the paint going relatively easier as compared with the bristle brushes. They are also known for eliminating any feel of a raw brush-stroke finish which comes with a bristle type of a brush. There wouldn’t be any perfect to use such type of toll, but there are confirmed applications for such fantastic tools. The pictures of paint brushes wouldn’t tell the true story as it doesn’t show both sides of the picture. There are good and bad things about the product which we must consider. The foam types are disposable as you chuck them away after a single use. However, they are inexpensive options and very useful one too.

foam brush 1How to best use foam brushes for painting?

The following are some of the useful points which you must know as how to paint using the foam brush effectively:

  • Pour the paint in a cup. It is important as you will be required to hold the cup in one hand while you paint using the foam brush with the other hand. The foam brush can well go into those congested spots where even the smallest bristle brush wouldn’t go with ease.
  • Now dip the tip of the brush into the cup filled with paint. Make sure to go just till the triangular tip end of the foam.
  • Make sure that you twist the brush just when you are taking the brush out of the cup for painting. Twisting the brush will take all excessive paint off the brush. This is a cost saving technique as your material will be saved and the quality would be dapper too.
  • Then the real painting task begins. Make sure that you stroke the surface very gently with the foam type of brush. It demands different control and movement of your hand as compared with the bristle brush. You really need to practice it before you can paint expertly with this tool. Using t excessively hard or stroking it hard with your hand would give a very deep groove on the surface that you are painting.

foam paint brushSome warnings and suggestions about painting with foam brush:

The following are some useful pointers which will give painters some cool ideas and advised while using or buying the foam type paint brushes:

  • The user must make sure that the foam type is only referred for smaller surfaces. They aren’t much effective or useful on large surfaces to paint.
  • The foam brush that sops in paint would drip if you are trying to attempt paint.
  • A fantastic thing about them Is that they are available in multi packs with several brushes in several sizes. They aren’t much expensive and such deals further benefits you in the cost incurred.
  • If the foam type shows wear and tear by tearing off around the junction of the handle, then it is the right time to replace it with a new one.

Considering these tips and tricks you can be at a better place to work with foam paint brushes just like a pro.

Different types of Paint Brushes

paint brush bristlesAnd what they’re used for!!!

When anyone is looking to paint their home there are different paint brushes they are going to need. The average painter does not realize the importance of using different brushes for doors, windows, and other areas. In this article we are going to outline some of the best paint brushes for house painting and what areas they are going to be used for.

Painting by most these days is taken as a DIY project which is a good way of saving money. You can only be more productive if you are in possession of all the right tools and materials that are required for doing such a job. The selection of the right paint brush determines the quality and finish of the project.

If you have a large project, then the right product according to the needs and requirements of the job will also help you to finish it in quick time and without any compromising over the quality. There are of plenty different types of paint brushes available in the market and you need to pick the right one according to the nature of your job (surfaces,condition,interior or exterior) and of course your convenience and budget as well. The brush sizes are a critical matter which should be considered in selecting the appropriate size to do a particular job.

The basic paintbrush requirements:

The top brands that are available and preferred by the professionals are the Purdy, Wooster, Annie Salon, Little Greene, Plus Primers and the Mythic. Everyone has their choice but all these types are preferred for their quality, hand control and speed.

Natural bristle Paint Brushes

This is the preferred choice for using with the solvent type of paints. It allows users to paint more easily when applying the solvent type paints by using fewer brush marks or strokes over a given area to be painted. We generally recommend a little thinners mixed to the pot helps too but more on that later.
This type of brush is ideal to be used on the wall surfaces, doors and also on the skirting. The natural bristle has a type of structured hair which is great to use in that it allows them to take and hold the paint well within the brush. Its has got split ends if you observe closely, and this causes them to give a much better finish to the solvent paint range of painting jobs .

Combined natural and synthetic type paintbrushes

This type uses both the types of bristles in conjunction and gives great effect with positive features of both in pick up and flow. As with every brush you use, the clean up and rinse out is crucial to how well they will perform next time. These, as a “best of both worlds” brush, require a longer or more thorough drying time to avoid the bristle swell but the reward is a generally likeable brush to use.

Hog Bristle Brushes

This paint brush is made from animal bristles and has a split at the ends. This paint brush was designed to hold oil based paint. They are durable and can be used to paint tougher surfaces such as siding and decks. These brushes can also be used when a person is painting with varnishes, polyurethane based paint ,and shellac.

nylon brush

brush is all about and why you would use “That” one.

The following are some of the different types of brushes that you will see in the market:

Synthetic bristle Paint Brushes

This type of brush with the synthetic bristles is preferred by the experts for use with the water based paints more than using the solvent based paints. The synthetic is known to be a very hard type of bristle material and it is also not going to absorb a large quantity of water. It is a good characteristic to have as they wouldn’t swell up by absorbing water or paint so much. The swell will eventually lead to what we call tramlines, thicker line marks in the paint which would look rubbish and of course spoil your good work. The drying time for the paint using synthetic bristle is also very slightly quicker.

Nylon Brushes

These brushes are made with filaments and are able to be used on rough surfaces including brick. They tend to get a little floppy when used in the heat so when painting outside a person should wait for a cooler or cloud day. These brushes should not be used with latex based paints as they will soak up the water from this paint.

Polyester Brushes

These paintbrushes are stiff but they can leave behind stroke marks on walls and other surfaces. Before using this paintbrush it is recommended that they are soaked in water. While this paintbrush is not ideal for painting walls it is effective when using varnishes and polyurethane based paints.

Synthetic Blend Paint Brushes

These paint brushes are made from polyester as well as nylon so they are firm to use. These brushes are designed to work with acrylic paints. They can also be used with Chinex because of the natural bristles.

paint brush style reviewsTypes of paint brushes

As mentioned above, there are different types of painting brushes. The determination of the best paint brush is dependent on the quality of the bristles, handles and the size of the tool. You got to look for the best combination which will allow you to finish the job with ease and in quick time. The potential buyer is advised to educate themselves just a little here and look at things like the Wooster paint brushes review, which will bring both understanding and quality to the users in their DIY painting projects.
We reviewed a few that we see as really worthwhile checking out. To help cut out the jargon,we have used just plain old english by saying how it works on the wall and in the hand.

Synthetic Shorty Paintbrush

synthetic shortyThis is a small paintbrush. It is not more than two and a half inches in length. This brush can be used with elastometic based paints. It can be used on surfaces where a regular paint brush would slip and create streaks. This brush can be use to painting the molding and trim in the home. It is also recommended to use a latex paint on these items as well as this paintbrush.

The Radiator Brush

This brush has a head that is bent. It can be used to paint hard to reach area such as those spots behind the radiator in order home. It can also help a person get paint in crevices that are hard to reach. The brush has a blend of white and black bristles that are made from a nylon blend. It can be used for oil based paints and will leave a brush free stroke.

The Angled Sash Paint Brush

This paintbrush has bristles that are made from nylon and the brush is designed to be extra firm. It will keep its safe in extreme heat and even when being used when latex paints. Since this brush is able to make strong strokes and will stay firm it is great to be used to paint windows. The brush will even be able to get to narrow parts of the window and will not leave strokes behind.

Feathery Finisher – Smooth texture Paintbrush

This paintbrush has bristles that are made from the hairs of the European oxen. The bristles are silky and will leave a streak free finish to the surface. The bristles are also dense. They can be used with paints , varnishes, or shellac. This brush can be used to create finishes on various items. The brush will be able to cover a large surface at one time. The edges will not be hard but they will leave a feathery appearance behind.

Good Grip – Comfort Brush

This paint brush has an extra grip down near the ferrule and has a beech handle that is bent to form to the crook of a person’s hand. This brush is comfortable to use and can be used on areas where a person is going to need to cover a large surface. This brush can be used with all different types of paint.

These are just some of the paintbrushes that can be used to paint the different areas in the home. These brushes will allow a person to paint all surfaces from the inside of the home to the outside. These brushes will allow a person to get the best look for their home and have the home looking fresh in no time.

Every professional painter whether experienced or amateur are discerning about the selection of their paintbrushes. And typically become more selective in the selection as they grow in experience with time. Everyone has a favorite type which makes them feel at ease and also more productive while they are at their painting job. There are a number of types available and you can choose paint brushes by evaluating different types and their factors. The American brushes as always are topping all the comparison tables closely followed by British brands. The race is still on for the best paint brushes for all the painting professionals.


Options for water based paint

The Purdy Glide and XL range is desirable for the purpose and recommended by a number of users. The 3 inch FTP Wooster is ideal for small and quick job with the immense hand control of the work that you do. Another picky choice with the acrylic eggshell paint, partially gloss paint or with the Mythic eggshell is the 2.5 inch Picasso which gives great speed in small painting jobs. If you look further, then the Wooster Alpha is not a bad choice either. It was the top most choice until 2011, but several new products came which has changed the preference of the professionals. However, there are some users who are still in love with the Alpha type because of its quality and ease of using with speed.

Options for oil based painting

For conventional oil based jobs, the Wooster FTP is the top choice of the professionals. It is ideal for the kitchen cabinets, hand painting job along with the ample support of the black foam roller. The Alpha Wooster of 1.5 inches will be the most apt option for painting kitchen cabinets at home with ease and with speed.

Paint Brush Style and Type Summary:

Selecting a paintbrush can be the personal choice of the painter, but there are some specialized jobs which require a specific type of brush for ease in completing the job. The users can look for the various options and can check for the experts’ advice on the web to get the best solution.

paint brush types

All of these paint brush types can be “the” best for various jobs and would make it easy to accomplish best results in a professional way. Do the research, check our down to earth reviews and choose your best paintbrush for the job !

And if that was confusing, we have created a paint brush guide to help you make the right choice for your next DIY paint job. This will help select the right paint brush for your painting project.

  1. Paintbrushes for Paint Type

    1. Certain paints will require certain types of paint brushes. A paint brush that is latex based will work best with a brush with synthetic bristles. Oil based paints and varnishes work better with a brush with natural bristles. The higher quality the bristles are the smoother the finish will be.
  2. Paintbrush Handle Advice

    1. The handles of the paint brush are made from different plastics and different woods. A person should pick up several brushes and see how they feel. With all of the choices a person should find the handle that is the most comfortable in their hand.
  3. All about Paint brush Bristles

    1. There are two main types of bristles that come on a paintbrush. There are natural and synthetic bristles. The natural bristles are made from animal hair. Hog is a common hair that is used on paintbrushes. Synthetic bristles are made from materials including nylon and polyester. When a person is painting with oil based paints natural bristles will work the best. Synthetic bristles will work better with paints that are latex based. To be sure that the right paint brush is being used be sure to check the package before making a purchase to make sure that brush can be used with the correct type of paint.
  4. Paint Brush Bristle Shape

    1. The most common type of paint brush has square bristles. They are good for holding and will allow the paint to be applied on many different types of surfaces. A person using a square brush may have some trouble getting in corners and narrow areas. When painting corners or areas where precision is important a sash brush should be used. This brush has a slight angle and will allow a person to get into areas that are hard to reach.
  5. Paint Brush Bristle tips

    1. For brushes that are high quality look for tips that are flagged or have splits at the ends. Flagged bristles will be able to hold more paint in one stroke and will spread evenly over a surface. Sash brushes may have tipped ends. The ends of the brush will come to what looks like a point. These brushes were not cut straight and they are not flat like the standard paint brush. They will allow a person to have more control over the brush and will be good for getting into tight areas.

cheap extension ladderConsidering the cheap extension ladders and OSHA approved ladders

A lot of people totally go online to buy the cheapest product which obviously isn’t a right approach. It becomes even worse when you are buying ladders online. It is because of their safety concerns as a substandard ladder can result in serious injuries. The extension ladders are highly in demand for both domestic and industrial uses. The cheap extension ladders and OSHA approved ladders makes a good combination. There is no harm in buying an inexpensive ladder if it has an OSHA approval stamp over it. It will endorse the quality and would ensure that the product has met all the safety concerns.

What is OSHA?

OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is a regulatory body which works for the safety of different workers who are into some physical job that has potential injury risks. The ladder used in the industries is one such thing which OSHA addresses very closely due to the injury risk attached with it. The workers climb several feet high ladders for different purposes and can fall, if the equipment is fragile or not good enough for the job. Therefore, the buyers must search online for ‘cheap extension ladders and OSHA approved ladders’ in conjunction to find out the best value deal. The OSHA approval can be of great benefit for the domestic users as well and they must also look for similar approved products when making a purchase.

OSHA instructions for using extension ladders:

The regulatory body emphasis the fact of looking for OSHA approved ladders if they are into some serious ladder climbing business. The following are some of the safety precautions explained by OSHA:

  • People a ladder which is capable of sustaining about 4x the maximum intended load with exception to the ones where each supplementary heavy duty type 1A metal or maybe a plastic ladder would support about 3.3x minimum. Follow all the manufacturer’s safety related instructions and also check the labels for the crucial safety information.
  • A competent professional in ladder related job should visually inspect all the extension types before they use. They must identify the faults such as missing rungs, screws, bolts or any other component. If it is placed in any work environment, then the responsible authoritative person should immediately mark it as ‘Don Not Use’.
  • A ladder should only be placed in places where there is enough rough to get off from the equipment. The area around the bottom of the ladder must be cleared and clean from all sorts of things.
  • The extension ladder must be set against the wall at the appropriate angle. It should be leaned against the wall in such a way that the bottom part is 1/4th of the working length of the extension ladder away from the wall.


The professionals must survey the area before installing the ladder and beginning their work. Check the area for any greasy material or anything which can cause the ladder to slip.

osha approved ladder

hailo-combination-ladders-with-adjustable-pedalBest Hailo Ladders for Home and Garden – Top Choices

“Hailo Ladders” is a renowned brand in Britain, which has great connections in different industries across the region. It is an essential thing for many professionals such as cleaners, painters, roofers and anyone who is interested in some type of house improving project. They are available in a number of different varieties which are suitable for different purposes. The material, size and style of the ladder are important consideration when making such a purchase.

Different types of ladders at Hailo:

There are a number of different types of ladders at Hailo which are given below:

  • Step Ladders – It is highly comforting for domestic uses, especially because of its light weight, small size and also the ability to get folded up for easy storage. It is ideal to use where low height access is desirable, such as painting walls and ceilings in the house. They are available in maximum sizes of 5 meters.
  • Rigid Ladder – it is a ladder that needs support and can be leaned against a wall or any other solid object such as a tree for fruit plucking. They give you access to higher areas, but they aren’t that stable and supportive as the step ladders. They can be of timber, glass fiber or aluminum material. They are very tall and can be extended even if more height is desirable.
  • Multi-purpose ladders – these are the most flexible ladders as they can be changed in shape and sizes to suit different needs as desired by the user. The uses include while working in low spaces, roofing or any other hard to reach area. They use several joints for giving the flexibility and different options for the users.

hailo laddersHeight of the ladder:

Height is the very important consideration when making such a purchase. Everybody looking for a ladder does have a specific need. He should check that how much access he is looking for with such an equipment. He can take the average height and can make the purchase based on the average height requirement.

Hailo Ladder Material and Construction:

The Material is the next big thing to consider in this regard. Aluminum is an all rounder and can be used in all domestic, commercial or industrial uses due to its sturdiness, lightweight and affordability. Aluminum is not preferable where electricity related work is done as it is an electrical conducter. Fiberglass is suitable for industrial purposes or where aluminum fail. Fiberglass is the most expensive material of all but it is durable as well. Timber is another option which is cheaper than fiberglass, but it might not be that durable.

Safety Considerations with Hailo Ladders:

Safety considerations must always be given prime importance while working with ladders. All Hailo ladders come with a safety rating, which gives an indication about the maximum weight capacity. The heavy duty ladders can give a maximum weight capacity of 140 Kg. Therefore,ignoring the maximum capacity can be a huge mistake while buying a ladder for your use. It should be kept in mind that using a ladder without knowing the maximum load carrying capacity can result in accidents as it may break or fall. So,the users must buy a ladder after checking its maximum weight capacity.

lightweight laddersHow productive it is to buy cheap ladders and lightweight ladders

Everybody in their household must have faced a situation where they are required to do some specific job. It can be needed may be for hanging a bulb, painting the walls and doing several other types of works. Such ladders also have industrial and commercial applications for a number of different uses. Technology has advanced and people are blessed to be facilitated with a lot of useful options to avail in the market. When it comes to the selection of a ladder, then everybody has two things in mind. The first one is their comfort and the other is to get an economical solution. Comfort is ensured while considering a lightweight ladder which can be easily carried and moved around as and when needed. Still, you need to have a sturdy material ladder to which you can rely without any doubt.

Which can be the best option to be inexpensive and lightweight at the same time?

The Aluminum material will give you the right combination that you are looking for. It is a unanimous choice and no other material can give you the kind of thing that you are looking for. It is super light in weight and inexpensive as compared with timber, glass fiber or stainless steel material. The following are some of the useful properties and features of an aluminum ladder:

  • You can find step ladder, extension ladder and all other popular types of ladders in aluminum material with ease. It depends upon the way you will use the ladders and the type of tasks you need to be accomplished using them.
  • It is free from rust or corrosion which makes it ideal to be used for both indoor and outdoor uses without any threat of weather. People with limited storage space can leave it out in the open with no chance of an ill effect.
  • They have excellent strength to weight ratio and it can support a lot of weight with ease, provided the joints made are also up to the mark with proper soldering, welding or brazing.
  • It is light weight as you can expect with the aluminum material. You can easily carry it with ease without any need or support.
  • It is sturdy and the material is known to last for a lifetime. If the manufacturer has given special emphasis to the joints as well then this thing will surely be up for a long term investment.
  • In comparison with the glass fiber and timber material ladders, aluminum ladders are lighter, cheaper and last longer.

cheap step ladderCheap Step Ladder Deals

It is definitely worth a deal, especially when you are looking for cheap ladders and inexpensive ladders. Though you should be careful enough to select a product with a lightweight and cheap price. It’s because most of such items, are considered to be less durable. For this reason you should first check for its features and also its durability ratings in order to make it sure that you are buying the best for your use.

menards laddersBest Menards Ladders and Reviews

Buying ladders asks for some fair bit of research. It is because of the diversity in the range of the ladder types, material and quality. Further, the buyer must also analyze his needs for which he is looking for a ladder. The Menard ladders have an excellent reputation in this industry all across the United States. They are in this business for more than 50 years, which gives them the confidence to come up with really exceptional products. They have a diverse range of ladders which are given below:

  • Step ladders
  • Step stools
  • Platform ladders
  • Extension ladders
  • Multi-purpose ladders
  • Folding ladders
  • Telescopic ladders

The Basics for Ladders:

The ladders are available specifically for different purposes and are different from the domestic and industrial projects. The buyers must consider this element as severe injuries can be a result, if a wrong decision is made. It can also be because of a faulty design so be sure that the equipment is well up to the job. The home Menard ladders have a specific label which indicates about the maximum weight capacity. It is true that many buyers are not fully sure about the maximum weight capacity they will be having so it is always safer to go with the one with 300 pound capacity.

menards ladder 2Choosing the right ladder for the painting job:

You can easily browse for various types of Menard ladders which are specific for particular purposes. It must be selected according to the nature of your job, the design of the equipment and the height of the unit which is required to do the desired job. The users are advised to always try the ladder first and then bring it into proper use. Upon delivery, check it by climbing about a couple of steps. Shift your weight and find out if it is durable to sustain your weight or not. If you have the right feeling then only go for it. Otherwise, you can discuss with Menard and their representatives would love to help you out to clear your doubts. If it isn’t suitable then the return, refund and exchange policy is quite user friendly.

The importance of following step ladder the directions:

Even if you are using the equipment within its limits and capacity, there can still be an accident if you have not positioned it in the right way. The manufacturers give all the directions in a manual and the basic ones on board which you are required to follow religiously. Make sure that you check the dos and the don’ts of using the ladders very well in order to avoid any unwanted situation.


Safety First with Painting Ladder:

Ladder injuries are common and the American Ladder Institute has attributed all types of injuries with the improper selection and misuse of the equipment. The Menard in this regard is playing a good role by raising awareness about the proper use and selection. All of their products are ANSI certified after going through proper trial and test process.

abru step ladderHow to buy the Best Abru Step Ladders?

Abru is a renowned British brand producing a diverse range of ladders. Their products are known for quality, durability and better performance. The Abru step ladders are the most in demand both for domestic and commercial uses. The domestic needs almost entirely revolve around the step ladders so the homeowners do have a little bit of concerns about the price range which for some is shockingly high. They consider that the durability of the Abru products gives them the option of buying the used Abru step ladders with ease. They also rightly believe that it is just a ladder where they should be more concern about the existing condition rather than any other technical aspect to worry about. However, there are several other things which the users must consider while buying the used ladders.

What to do and check when buying used?

There are a number of things which must be checked before buying used Abru ladders. The following points will give you an idea about what you must check:

  • Be sure that what purpose you will need the step ladder. Do a self analysis about the weight and height requirements that you want to be in the product according to the nature of the job.
  • Do understand the different materials that you can avail in this category. You will find fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel and wooden material. Find out about the pros and cons of each.
  • Do check out about the seller feedback. Try to find out that how honest, he is and is there any damage to the product or not.
  • Look, if the system is still in warranty period or not.
  • Check out all the specifications and the date of purchase before making up your mind.

abru 2What things you should be looking to avoid when buying a ladder:

There are a number of mistakes which people make while buying used products. The following are some of the basic things which must be avoided under all circumstances:

  • Don’t overlook the shipping details when finalizing your product. The ladders are heavy and can cost a lot through shipping.
  • Don’t consider the product if there is any kind of breakage or a repaired work done as it can raise some serious safety concerns.
  • Try not to purchase products which are well out of their warranty period.
  • Don’t just rely on the pictures shown on the advertisement. Try to find out all the relevant details yourself. The pictures can be deceiving and wouldn’t give you the right idea about the actual condition of the product.
  • Never ignore to find out the information about the return policy before you call it a deal. There are chances that you receive the product out of order or it isn’t the one which you saw in the pictures advertised. If you are sure that the return policies are favoring you and give you the peace of mind, then only go on with the deal.

alco ladders1The advantages of buying fiberglass Alco Ladders for Domestic Use

Ladders have a great deal of relevance when it comes to your domestic needs. There are a number of manufacturers available with a diverse portfolio of products. Alco is a trusted brand name in ladders with their operations span far and wide all across the US. They are in business since 1930 and came up to the top ranks with their exceptional quality products which are known to last long. They maintain the safety standards and all their products are ANSI certified with the proper trial and test mechanism.  The fiberglass Alco ladders are the best ones to have for limited domestic needs. They have got everything that a buyer might look for when investing in such a product.

The advantages of fiberglass ladders:

The Alco ladders, fiberglass products are top quality with great specifications and quality. It is an expensive option as compared with wood and aluminum alternatives, but their cost is justified when we see that their products last much longer than the alternates. The following is a list of the benefits associated with fiberglass Alco ladders:

  • Fiberglass ladder is made to stay long in comparison with any other material.
  • In a domestic setting, it is an ideal option for the usual household projects such as roof repair, painting, hanging decoration stuff, replacing bulbs and for cleaning out the gutters. You can use it just as you want as it is also known to occupy less space.
  • This exceptional ladder from Alco is the unanimous choice for the homeowners due to its extreme adaptability to various projects and also for its versatility.
  • They can be equally useful in all sorts of climate and weather conditions.
  • If you face space issues for storing the ladder on the inside of your house, then it can be easily left out in the open in all sorts of weather conditions. It will stay as fresh and sturdy as a new one without any fear of quality deterioration.
  • If the matter is to find it in different styles then it is the best option. You will find a diverse range of shapes.
  • If size matters, then have the fiberglass for its great flexibility and diverse range of sizes. It can cater for all types of domestic needs.
  • Alco will serve you with any of its products that you desire.
  • As the ladder will be used for different home improving projects so this one will give you the flexibility to move it seamlessly and also alter it to fit for any specific project needs that you have.

alco ladders 2Fiberglass Ladders for Painting and Odd Jobs

The fiberglass ladder from Alco is also available for commercial and industrial purposes. The buyers are first advised to make a note of their needs and then go out on the hunt of the best ladder. The Alco fiberglass would definitely be the best option for all types of uses. You are paying the high price for the top quality product so it isn’t a bad deal to lock.