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Top Corona and Princeton Paint brushes

Corona and Princeton Paint brushes

If you are looking for a paint brush for your DIY paining project, then your selection should be very much based on three important things. The first one is the material of the bristles, second one is the quality of the handle/ grip and the third one is the size of the brush which you choose according to the nature of the painting job. The Corona and Princeton paint brush reviews are worth reading to know about the quality products of these manufacturers. Both the manufacturers are good, as where the Corona manufacturer comes with different commercial products for productive tasks you will find the  Princeton paint brushes are more focused on producing brushes for artists.

corona paint brushesTop products from Corona and princeton:

The following are the top Princeton and Corona paint brushes:

Corona 2.5 inch Chinex paint brush

it is a 2.5 inch small brush which is apt for painting around tight corners and edges and also for full painting of small objects. The product has the hand formed chisels which most of the professionals today desire to have. The handle is comfortable with an unfinished type of raw hardwood sash. The ferrules are made from the strongest  (stainless steel) material which firmly connects the bristles with the handle, and doesn’t deteriorate over time when properly washed and cared for, a further sign of it’s quality. The manufacturer aims here to provide users with a softer and denser bristle material. The full 100 percent DuPont Chinex type of tapered synthetic filament gives good option and value to the user. You surely wouldn’t need to have a backup brush If a brush as good as this one is in your arsenal.

Corona 2.5 inch Professional paint brush

This is a professional level brush which can be equally useful for the home users well for their DIY painting projects. It is 2.5 inches in size, which makes it appropriate tool for painting along the edges, corners and the skirting around the house. It comes with a hand formed chisel which many of the professional painters desire to have in their favorite brushes. The handle is excellent, lightweight and manufactured from raw or unfinished hardwood. The beavertail type of this handle give users with top control and precision over a variety of their painting tasks. The price is very much affordable and the product promises to serve you flawlessly for a long time to come.

corona paint brush reviewCorona 3 inch paint brush

The best thing about brushes from Corona is that they always look well after the comfort of their users and also after the quality of the brushes. This one from Corona is a nicely balanced product giving good value to the user with its limited size. It is a 3 inch brush which can be used well on walls, doors, skirting and works on the corners evenly. It is a multi-use brush which can be used servicably with a large variety of paints. For the cutting in paint jobs, the hand formed chisels give great precision to the painter. The smooth tips of the brush are maintained even after many uses.

Princeton 9000 Series

It is a nice value pack for artist with 7 brushes of different sizes. It is a complete set for any artist who wants to do any scale of painting. They come with typical, but handy small golden Taklon handles. It is an economical pack which will do the job for you for a long time.

best princeton paint brushesPrinceton Synthetic paint brush set

This is a special set for the painters where they will get 4 brushes in a pack. It has synthetic type bristles which are ideal for painting in making fine strokes. The brushes are in different sizes which will give you good options to use for different painting purposes. The quality is excellent with good grip which will help you with all sorts of painting tasks. Probably best suited for fine arts, never let a good brush get away just because it may be intended for uses otherwise. If you have that tiny speck to cover, or want to brush out a paint blemish or repair point, try these. Sizes of this type are unbelievably handy to have in your kit.