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PAINTS ON LADDERS – The Best Painting Advice 2017

Best Paint Brushes, Ladders, Rollers and More

toolkit4How to Paint Like a Pro

Paints on ladders was developed by us to help people with the skills we learnt the hard way. We don’t like the hard way, so to ease the suffering we thought (over a couple of beers) we’d tell people the best painting tips we had.

 And we know a few….

Painting can be a time consuming task but the results are what most people are after when doing a DIY project. The main thing is that you want your painting to last as long as possible and look professional. If you do it right the first time it will be a longer interval before it needs attention in the future.

Paint Brushes and Cleaning

What’s the best way to clean paint brushes– and what are the best paint brushes (and paint brush sizes) for your application?

Painting Tips, Tricks, Skills and Advice

We will discuss and provide advice on all the little unknown skills and tools that make a job easier and better. Anyone can get a paint brush online, but will you spend hours cleaning paint brushes at the end of your day? The types of paint brushes – do you require a cutting in brush, and why? When do you need foam paint brushes, and what are the best angles paint brush strokes work at?

The process of decorative work starts with imagination and dreams, but can feel like a nightmare when it’s not going right. There’s a minimum you need to make it a great job, and the minimum you want is called “frustration”…

Did you know: If you are going to use brushes the next day or even a few days later that you use aluminum foil to cover the brushes and put them in the freezer until you are ready to paint. Thaw at least an hour before hand and you won’t have to spend time washing the brushes because they are ready to go.

Caulking Guns, Putty Knives, Fillers and More

Do you know how to use a dripless caulking gun? Now there is sandable caulk (!) That can speed up the professional result your aiming for, but is it the best caulk for bathtub areas?

Caulking should be used generously before you begin to paint. Fill all the seals and cracks that way you have a completely smooth surface to paint on when you begin. Be sure to buy plenty of caulking so that you don’t use up your paint covering spots that the caulking gun might have just covered over with ease. Be sure to caulk everything so that you have no trouble when you begin to paint.

The Best Painting Ladders, Types and Features

So how do you choose between cheap ladders, do you look at the various wooden ladders for sale- watch that weight factor! – Or go lightly with alco ladders.  Reputable brands like Ramsay ladders can offer better value in safety you may not get in cheap extension ladders. How high are your ceilings, might be the Abru step ladders are your best idea. We include a look at others of worth like Menards ladders alongside Hailo ladders.

Feel Good About the Job You Have Done, But Make it Easy for Yourself

To make painting easier and cheaper, let’s talk minimum again. You aim for the best, THEN the cheapest options- in that order.  Any other ideas and you will be losing in time (= $?) and get that horrible frustration of a bad job. Check out the top of this page, we’ve developed the best minimum for you to work from, and have reviews and comments to support your best choice. It’s your choices that built our reputation, and vice versa. That’s why we sit so high as the people’s choice in the best painting advice.  Our followers put us there.

Enough about us (you can talk about us later!!). 

Cutting to the Chase

The above range- we are brief and to the point.  We want you to know about using a cutting in brush, or, if you’re unsure, the options of a paint edger tool. We will walk and talk you through it.

white-paint-rollerPaint Rollers, Roller Frames, Nap, Wool and Extension Poles

What do you think is the best paint roller?  You can inspect all the paint roller types, all the paint roller covers that suit and we will tell you why it’s the paint roller nap that really saves the day.  Remember, you want the best THEN cheapest. If you can tell me how to paint walls with a roller that bends like spaghetti I am in awe of you.

Painters Tape, Specifics, Scrapers and Other Handy Insiders Secrets

Okay. Your still reading here when it’s time to learn specifics in the sections above. Yes, we will tell you about how to use painters tape so you actually get the best painters tape for what you really need it to do. We will show you paint roller sizes,- do you really need the 18 inch paint roller?- where you need a stainless steel scraper, and when you are finished how to store paint brushes so you protect that silky Purdy brush set for your next painters masterpiece.

You won’t be a painter, you’ll be an artist who works in paint.

Set-up to Paint Your House – How the Professionals Do it

When you decide to paint your home, there are many different things that will need to be done. Even though choosing the right colors and making the purchases may take some time to do, it’s only the beginning of a long list of tasks that will need to be completed, especially if you want the home to have both a quality and professional look. With this being said, here’s some invaluable tips on how to setup to paint your house.

Did you know: No one thinks that they will be using their paint buckets again very soon but a good trick to keep them in top shape after the job is done is to use painters plastic to line your bucket and tape the outer edges securely so that you have a pail liner. This is an easy throw away and voila you have a clean bucket for the next time.

Set up the step ladders or Scaffold systems

When an individual or team of people are preparing the area in home for an exterior paint job, one of the first things that will need to be done is setting up the scaffold and ladders. The scaffold or ladder needs to be positioned in a place that provides easy access to all the areas you will be painting. It must also be safe and securely placed strategically so that it is safe for anyone on the team to use in order to prevent slips and falls, additionally its important to think about area access and getting in and out of the location. See our guide to setting up ladders here…

Prepare the Surfaces of your Walls and Details

Another key to completing a home painting project professionally is to prepare the surfaces. Unfortunately, for those who may be limited in time and resources, this is a part of the job that can be completely neglected. Therefore, it is important to note that if the surfaces are not prepared in advance it will show immediately since people can view all kinds of little imperfections that lie underneath the paint. This means, before opening up a can of paint and applying it to any wall on the inside or outside of your home, you will need to find and then fix any cracks and dents, with a good quality putty knife and scraper. Since each job will vary greatly in imperfections found, it’s better to allot more time to complete this part of a painting project than to do a rush job that makes it look very sloppy when it is completed.

Wall Patching Tricks – Putty and Sanding

Putty is filler for walls / baseboards and it is also used to cover unsightly holes such as where pictures were nailed etc.. A cool trick in covering with putty is you can use your finger to get in those hard to reach places and corners to get the job done. A wet cloth will work when the putty is dry to smooth out the spots you used putty on. Just wipe until smooth and then if you still have stubborn areas you can sand down easily with sand paper to get that perfect looking effect before beginning the painting process. How to patch holes and repair cracks here…

Interior Painting Jobs and Protecting the Furniture

Since most people have a lot of valuable furniture that they want to protect during a painting job, this factor must be considered and taken care of before pulling out the first paint brushes. Therefore, to keep from ruining and staining any of the furniture in the home with drops of paint, the painters should cover up all of the furniture items with plastic covers / drop cloths or drop sheets. The plastic or cloth covers or tarpaulins are designed to not only protect the furniture from the paint, but also keep the paint from seeping thru and causing damage.

Using Paint Shields

Paint always seems as if it is not going to get everywhere but it usually does no matter how professional someone believes they are they will get paint on parts of the wall or furniture that they did not intend. Sometimes the best tool for the job is to buy a paint shield. When painting baseboards this is a great tool to paint that pesky top edge so that you do not get paint all over your wall. Just hold the shield as you paint and you do not have to be an artist to paint. You just paint and go as you hold the shield to the very top of the baseboard / cornice.

Not only does the paint shield protect the top of the baseboard and the finished areas you have painted but it will be very handy at the bottom where you are protecting flooring from excess paint. Be sure to use the paint shield again and this time hold flush with the bottom of the baseboards and shield your carpet from unsightly messes with ease. It is so much easier than trying to remove paint from the carpet or the wall after you have made the error.

Secure Manpower Resources and Tools – Ask your Friends to Help

many handsWhen you start any home improvement project, one of the first things that you may need to do is to ensure you will have the appropriate resources available to complete the job within a specified period of time. In some cases, a project may be so big that it may require two or more people to get the job done. The same is true for home painting projects since these projects will normally take a little extra time and resources for them to be done right. The resources that the homeowner has access to will often differ because some people may be able to afford a professional painting company to do all of the work. On the other hand, some homeowners may need to secure assistance from a professional handyman or from friends and family members that will volunteer.

In addition to ensuring everyone is available to meet on time, the owner of the home should also have all of the proper tools (see our pro store) and equipment for completing the job available on time. From purchasing the right color paint for each room and paint brushes to renting paint spray equipment, the owner should have all the tools and equipment at hand when the job is being done. By making a list of everything that’s needed prior to, the owner will not only save time, but also help to make the flow of the project much more efficient.

Setting up a paint job in advance does not have to be difficult. However, there are a wide array of things that must be done for setting-up a paint job prior to getting started. A few of the more common include setting up the scaffold properly, preparing the surfaces, protecting the furniture and securing the appropriate manpower resources and tools.

Finishing Up – You would be amazed at the ease of using these tips and tricks with painting tools so you don’t have those unsightly problems that come with painting. You might find you want to paint more often if cleanup is not such a hassle and supplies can be kept afterward. See our guide on cleaning paint brushes and cleaning paint rollers here. Hopefully with these tips and tricks your paint job will come out fabulously so enjoy.