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Best Caulking Gun Reviews 2017

Best Caulking Guns 2017

The best three caulking guns for filling any gap with ease.

Little tips and tricks will help as you paint, here are a few before you start with the caulking gun. Did you know that typically your caulking gun has a small hole next to the handle? That hole is perfect for snipping the tip off of your tube of caulk. All you do is put the tip of your caulking tube inside that hole and click the handle and voila “snip” the tip off of the caulk. Secondly there is a long poker that comes with your gun and this is easily used to break the seal on the tube of caulk (especially handy when using caulk that’s already been used previously). Just poke down into the tube gently and your caulking tube is ready to use.

newborn 250 super smooth revolving#1 – Newborn Caulking Gun Review

250 Super Smooth Rod Revolving Frame, 1/10-Gallon Cartridge Capacity, 18:1 Thrust Ratio

Now we’re talking big league.. The unit has a an 18:1 drive, so it will push just about anything that comes in a tube. All steel, the crew at Newborn have managed a strong but light unit. It’s a time and cash saver, as you can keep a tube with you on the ladder, and using the piercer and cut tool that sit on the unit, you just keep going. This unit costs a few bucks more, but let’s do some quick maths. A tube of caulk will cost you over $2 right ? So how much caulk do you apply quickly and well before you recoup your money here? Won’t take  much, to my way of thinking. Pretty much a corrosion free unit due the quality Zinc and steel combination. Newborn hilariously talk up how quiet it is, but I’ve never had Caulk gun deafness so it may not be a worry generally, still a bonus for the auditory alarmed…I guess.

PRO’s  The feel – the Zen and the Art is strong in this one…you pick it up and will gain the confidence that makes for a better job ‘cos this tool say’s you will. Love the grip, easy drive flow. Yep.

CON’s Dripless is a funny word, should we try, err, ooze ? There’s a handy thumb switch you will be very good at using, quickly. It stops the ooze pretty much straight up, as 18:1 is not going to stop coming from wishful thinking. That’s the one and only of it.


newborn 930 gtdBest Newborn Caulking Gun Review

930-GTD Drip-Free Smooth Hex Rod Cradle, Gator Trigger Comfort Grip, 1/10 Gallon Cartridge…

One of the, shall we say, “Price conscious” units commonly available, these are a sturdy unit, of basic design, which translates into its simplicity. Not much to go wrong with something that does a basic job most basically. The unit will stop too much excess sealant continuing to come out, as the drive rod should retract sufficiently well to relieve pressure. Units that continue to drip or bleed sealant once you have paused to smooth your work are a big frustration- they add a lot of work that just doesn’t need to be there. Build quality is the key, and any variation in an item of such wonderfully simple design would cause trouble. Happily that’s not been an issue in most of the units in this style that I have used, and if you go a reputable supplier like Amazon you don’t have to worry .

PRO’ Simple design, simple to use. Wipe the tip after every application and you will have no troubles – the retractable rod should reduce waste and clean up. Sturdy unit, cheap pricing to match. Nice grip on the handle too. Standard hook end for ladders etc.

CON’s  Job specific. If you want to use it for heavier applications, that is, different sealers or glues, it may be hard work depending on the viscosity or thickness of the sealer or adhesive product due the drive ratio (10:1 ) that pushes through. Different or hard to reach angles mean you will have to manually adjust tube feed, a simple job.


dripless ets 3000 caulking gunDripless Caulk Gun Review

Inc. ETS2000 Ergo Composite 

Light weight, hard to lose unless you paint in yellow, these are a good level unit. They produce  firmer drive of fluid and great reach or access thanks to the tube roller mechanism.  You have to love the precision cutter, as Dripless call it. Seriously, the little view opening lets you set the desired angle for the cut, so once you have mastered the art, you can choose the best possible feed level for the job your doing. A word of caution still, even with a quality unit like this the cut should be “less is more” as I’ve never seen a consistent sized wall crack through out a full paint job. Again, the fact the cutting tool is built in will save you time finding a Stanley or other safe cutting tool when you just want to re-load and go on with the job. Does a basic job, better.

PRO’s  Super light yet strong composition. This is pro level light n tough. Metal can bend, but this unit will roll with the punches and scrunches in your tool kit and surface time and again as a great unit to work with. The 12:1 drive ratio will push out a larger range of applications or solutions, easier.

CONS  I would have liked just a little extra curve on the ladder hook, but that may be the shape of my ladder’s fault more than the unit. Any other negative is history based, as this unit feels so light you think it will bend… It won’t.