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Best Paint Brush Reviews

#1 – purdy pro extra glideBest Purdy Pro-Extra Paint Brush

Select from 2″, 2-1/2″, 3″, 3-1/2″ Angular Glide Brush

Get one – Quite simply, you will provide yourself with the brush that makes your work look professional.

When I stared painting I was given one by a professional painting friend to wise up out of the buying cheap idea, and I have never looked back. They feature long, fine tightly packed bristle that glides , holds paint in measure and controls beautifully making it the best paint brush according to reviews. My team mate here is Australian, and he’s says it’s a real example of American manufacture at its best.

For some reason they even seem to clean better, and though I can’t qualify that, I know I spend less time at the end of a long day cleaning paint brushes like these thoroughbreds than many others on the market. For most of us, I strongly recommend the 2 ½  inch, as you can work with them all day. If memory serves, you could get one of these as part of a Purdy paint brush set (the best paint brushes), but that was awhile back. Get one. Great with oil based paints, I keep one as my best paint brush for trim and door frames.

PRO: For the home or occasional painter, it’s probably the lifetime brush, literally. Wash and clean this brush properly, you won’t need to buy another. That’s cheap.

CONS: Hmm, I’m backed into a corner now. Umm… the cardboard sleeve( eventually) breaks down when you wrap it for storage??..


#2 – wooster sash short angleWooster Paint Brush Review

Q3211-2 Shortcut Angle Sash Paintbrush, 2-Inch

I love these brushes.

Easy to use , particularly if you are new to painting, the shape just seems to rest your hands. Using as many quality brushes as we do, the unusual shortened handle provides a bit of a rest.  They are one of the best paint brushes for cutting in, as the angle sweeps beautifully into corners and under cornice edges or even the picture rails in your classic older home. These are practically a paint edger tool when it comes to fine line cornice work.

My colleague here swears by them as a dusting brush after sanding  ( and if you don’t know about dusting after sanding, mark this site as a favorite, ‘cos Grasshopper, you have much to learn…) and yes it works really well, but I keep one strictly as a cutting in brush

PRO; The polyester bristle is a good as it gets in this type, and the large hook-on hole is a clever idea, but even as easy care bristle, I still recommend putting a cardboard sleeve over the brush when storing

CON; I still like the long handle feature of the standard style brush for a “day long” application, but they do provide excellent control and as stated, a break from the claw hand of cutting in


big boy bucketWe also recommend these paint buckets which are an absolute pleasure to work with. Its easier to make sure the paintbrush wont drip as you remove it from the bucket and its also handy for returning paint into the tin after use. Clean up is a sinch and the handle make its an ergonomic addition, no more sore fingers clinging to a small bucket all day!!

#3 – capri tools setCapri Tools – Best Paint Brush Set

Paint, Stain, Varnish Set with Wood Handles, 5-Piece

These are a serviceable set, whose biggest advantages are price and you can throw them away when done…

For mine, they are fitting best into the “end of day, throw away” type of unit. Arguably in the same league as foam paint brushes, they do have better control than a foam brush, and you really won’t get any ( much ? ) better than these for the price they are going at.

The set features a well thought out range of widths and handle lengths, which surprised me in just how handy the grouping provided really is. I would have liked a cutting in brush, but these types of paint brushes really do fit many roles and can be great for touch up and quick fix work, such as filled wall patches that need a quick “feathering out” to restore the wall. For that, they’re great. Keep in mind the “get what you pay for level”, and they work better than many. I admit now I don’t go back twice to a bad brush, and any cheap brush will lose hairs, which can be a frustrating experience. In that regard, these brushes weren’t too bad, really. A good brush to have around for quick jobs and no- fuss jobs, you will save time by not worrying about clean ups at the end of the day. Make it a long day, and they can be a very cost effective unit.

PRO; Diverse kit with good hand “feel “ and reasonable control. Really competitive pricing from paint brush on line sales points makes them “use n lose” cheap. Great touch ups/ feathering use.

CONS; For the short time I used a set, they were good but be aware they may “tire” and lose hair with ongoing use. Novice friendly only to a point.



Cant find what you are looking for in these paint brush reviews?

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Prior to doing our research and using the products on various painting jobs, I’d heard of the famous types like Purdy Paint Brushes, but I was hardly likely to go into it so deep as to read up on the best paint brush reviews. I just wanted a good brush for trim work, I’d no idea whether I had a top rated paint brush or dog hair on a stick…

This is the thing about Paint Brush reviews- some one needs to do it for guys like me ( and you ? ) because – yes- Purdy paint brushes have developed a paint brush for trim work, but how would you know it was any good. ( Now before the Purdy boys legal department starts googling my address, I want to say, they ARE a top rated paint brush, across the range, OK ? I’ll say it again- a top rated paint brush, got it? call off the dogs !! )

wooster brush