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Best Painting Roller Extension Poles 2017

The Best Painters Roller Extension Poles in Review 2017

Let us first start with why you need a painting extension pole.. It may seem awkward to have your paint roller on the end of an extension pole and to be honest it feels a little awkward at first but after 2-3 minutes it starts to make sense as to why extension poles for paint rollers are very popular. Some of the big brands will testify, that to start with, you can access the paint tray from further away. Superbly you can access the ceiling for that all important ceiling rejuvenation. Painting walls is a breeze because the pole enables each painting stroke to be so much larger and spreading the paint across the wall is so much faster than conventionally rolling the wall at arms length. We never start a job without a painting extension pole in hand.

wooster sr054 extensionWooster Brush SR054 Sherlock Extension Pole, 2-4 feet

These, like pretty much all of the Wooster gear, are excellent product. Wooster have been around practically before the chicken and the egg, and have obviously listened to painters in that time. If they didn’t invent the extension pole for painting, I don’t know who did.

Somebody else invented a paint brush extension pole, but I  had to stand too far away to fill it…

Durable, reasonably light and with a very reliable and a simple extension lock. 4 feet is  a good length, and you will get excellent leverage from what is realistically an extended arm. That’s where the savings are with an extension pole for painting – the labour. If you try rolling from the handle of a paint roller, it’s very tiring. The 2-4 foot Wooster Sherlock extension pole is manoeuvrable, suits medium height walls and ceilings, and shrinks enough to function in hallways and bathrooms. I don’t need to talk these up ,they do the home  job well, and even the bare basic’s means you need an  extension pole for paint roller.

PRO’S; Light, durable and well designed. A must have tool that can be found for peanuts considering how much you need it.

CON’S ; Hard work if you have higher ceilings, so consider a longer item a smarter buy if this is the case. Great in smaller apartments and hallways

MORE DETAILS / Choose your Size here…

wooster sr090 extension poleWooster Brush SR090 Sherlock GT Convertible Extension Pole, 2-4 feet

Clever Wooster lock tab if you have a fondness for the brand. Superiorly, it’s a “made to fit” pole very similar to the above, but with a tailored fit for all Wooster paint gear. If you don’t… ? easy, there is a tool hidden in the base for the bits that don’t say Wooster on the side. Pull it out and   fit it, presto you have a universal fit. Same length, good quality genuine Wooster stuff. These come in sizes extending up to 16 foot..

PRO’S: Sure and held fast fit to the Wooster brand, handy size for most jobs

CON’S: Equally smart as the 054, just don’t lose the attachment if you use anything else…

MORE DETAILS and Sizes Here..

LONGARM 6-18MR LONGARM 6618 6-Feet to 18-Feet Extension Pole

This is an outstanding extension pole for painting, I’d be surprised if you could reach the highest of ceilings with this beauty. It comes in a 6 to 12 foot option and a 6 to 18 feet option. Its constructed of fibreglass and aluminium and you can count on quality that will last. Compatible with standard thread dimensions – no matter what you choose to be your roller brand of choice. Also handy for light bulb changer attachments if you have one! This units heavy duty construction means that you can work hard and get stuck into your painting without worrying about damaging the pole or harming your investment.