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Which is the Best Drop Cloth Material for Painting

Best Drop Cloth Materials

Without the right drop cloth, you are going to cause even more work for yourself very quickly. Drop cloths protect floors and furniture surfaces from paint. It’s easy to drop a paint brush, and people don’t always have the option to move all of their furniture out of their homes for the sake of completing a house painting job, and not everyone is going to get new flooring or carpeting afterwards. Drop cloths are often a good idea even if this is the case, just in case. However, the right drop cloth materials matter, and we can’t just throw anything on the floor or furniture surfaces and hope that the drop cloths in question are going to provide the right protection. All painters need to choose the right drop cloth material in advance in order to keep their rooms and homes in order, and there are many options …

Canvas Drop Cloths

canvas drop clothCanvas is the material of drop cloth that’s typically reserved for professionals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it! The majority of professional house painters use canvas drop cloths, and i’m sure you have seen a pro and their canvas drop cloths are often full of different paint stains. Professional painters try to avoid spending too much money on the disposable types of drop cloths. Washing canvas drop cloths is ultimately cheaper than constantly replacing the disposable variety of drop cloths, which should be the most cost-effective option for professional painters and amateur painters alike.

Canvas drop cloths will absorb paint spills, which makes them more effective in some ways. The paint is not going to run after it has been spilled. People won’t accidentally get paint everywhere after spilling it and then moving the drop cloth. If they spill a lot of paint, it is possible that the paint is going to seep through the canvas drop cloth and onto the floor. However, it will take a really substantial spill for that to happen, especially if you use the thicker canvas drop cloths.

To start with, canvas drop cloths are going to be more expensive than other types of drop cloths, which is one reason why people are not necessarily going to purchase them right away. However, for people who do enough paint jobs, long term they will benefit from getting canvas drop cloths. Canvas drop cloths are also not going to tear, which means that they’re among the few types of drop cloths that people can use on sharper surfaces. Canvas drop cloths are more versatile than all of the other drop cloths that are currently on the market, which is one of the many reasons why professional painters favor the canvas drop cloths and it’s the only style we recommend here at Paints on Ladders.

Paper Drop Cloths

paper drop cloth with maskingUsing a paper drop cloth seems like a bad idea for a lot of people, since they figure that the paint is just going to soak through the drop cloth. However, if you are painting on a budget, you may not have a lot of options. Paper drop cloths can cost less than five dollars, and they can actually work fairly well if the paint job in question just involves touch-ups and minor paint work. They’re not going to work very well in situations that involve a lot of paint, or if you move around the ladder a lot as the paper can tear. However, they can save money and provide enough protection under the right circumstances.

Paper drop cloths are going to tear in a way that won’t happen with other types of drop cloth materials, so they need to be handled with care. However, people who are performing the most minor of paint jobs are not going to have to worry about that in most cases.

Plastic Drop Sheets

plastic drop sheetsPlastic can be used when you are trying to cover up brick, masonry, furniture, and abnormal objects like sculptures. However, we don’t recommend to use plastic on sharp sculptures or sharp furniture, since they might end up breaking the plastic drop cloth. However, plastic drop cloths should still manage to provide a safe barrier for the majority of surfaces that people will use, especially with small amounts of paint such as spray painting applications.

Plastic drop cloths have the advantage of being non-porous, so they are going to manage to provide more protection from paint than most other drop cloths. People can also find plastic drop cloths in a wide range of different thicknesses, which is not the case for a lot of other drop cloth materials.

Plastic drop cloths have the advantage of being reusable, which can make all the difference for the people who are trying to save as much money as possible on their home repairs and who need to be able to paint multiple rooms.

However, it should be noted that plastic drop cloths are not going to absorb the spilled paint. As such, the spilled paint is going to run if people move the drop cloths at any time. They are also going to be effectively taking the paint with them when they move the drop cloths around after spilling the paint. People are often going to have to wipe down drop cloths after using them, and they are going to have to wash them off in many cases.

Paper and Polyester Drop Cloths

These are literally drop cloths that are made from a combination of plastic and paper. As such, people can potentially get the best of both worlds. These drop cloths are less likely than many others to slip out of place. The paper manages to effectively absorb the drips from the paint. The plastic manages to provide an under layer of protection, which manages to protect the floor and furniture from the paint. It’s easy to get a drop cloth like this to fit the space indoors.

It is true that these drop cloths are going to rip fairly easily. However, they are still going to be less likely to rip than many of the drop cloths that are made from either plastic or paper as opposed to both plastic and paper. These drop cloths are versatile and effective, even if they’re not perfect in all conditions.

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